Ranking 10 Best Traits In Undisputed


In Undisputed, a fighter’s style is determined by his or her traits. Are some traits better than others, or does it all depend on personal taste?

Undisputed finally gave us a new heavyweight boxing game king after a long wait. Up until now, there hasn’t been a serious challenger since Fight Night Round 3. Even though there is still a lot to do, the game looks good. Undisputed can raise the bar for what players expect from a fighting game by using new technology and much-improved game engines. So far, it’s looking good. With a road map in place, early access is slowly adding new material and updates.

Many players can’t wait for the career mode, but for now, they can get their fix by fighting other players online. The boxers in the game right now have a lot of different numbers and traits. The way a fighter fights is shaped by his or her traits. Smoking Joe Frazier is known for his left hook, so this is reflected in his style of fighting. Even though not everyone will like the same styles, here are some of the game’s best traits.

Lightning Hands

Lightning Hands is a great trait for players who like to throw a lot of punches quickly in Undisputed. The bad thing about this trait is that it makes punches do 3% less damage. On the other hand, your punch speed will go up by 10%.

When combined with other dangerous traits, such as throwing a lot of punches at once, this makes warriors very dangerous. Three quick hooks can do a lot of damage, and a player who can throw them quickly will often have trouble. Sergio Martinez in the lightweight division is a great example of how this trait can be used well.

Liver Destroyer

Liver killer is one of those traits that can be predicted if an opponent knows that a player is going after the liver in particular. But because it increases harm by 30%, it might be worth it.

With this feature, there is also no penalty, so all a player has to do is sneak in a liver shot and watch the other player fold in half. Saul Canelo Alverez is very good at killing people with this punch, and it can be used in the game to make the same kind of damage.

Rock’em Sock’em

Rock ’em, sock ’em is a great trait for players who like to change their punches. Sometimes, a standard “one-two” or “lead left hook” is too predictable. Most boxers make the mistake of hitting simple combinations, but an uppercut can really turn a fight around.

Like in real boxing, an uppercut is best used rarely because it needs to be timed perfectly and, when thrown from far away, leaves a fighter wide open to counters. In fact, it is considered bad form to deliver an uppercut from behind without first setting up the defences. So, this quality makes uppercuts to the head deal 20% more damage and make it 10% more likely that they will stun the target.

The Prince

This trait has a small drawback, but it is still very important to talk about. The good news is that all directional hits will do 10% more damage to players. The bad thing is that all hits get 5% less power when you stand still.

This is a good trait for people who like to move around, but a bad trait for people who like to stay put. Oleksander Usyk and other fighters are a great example of this. As he likes to stay on his feet and keep moving instead of standing still and throwing hard shots.


There are rumours that the great defender Willie Pep won a round in 1946 without throwing a single punch, making him unbeatable. Untouchable is a trait that can make opponents make mistakes if you have the reactions of a cat and the speed of a greased mongoose.

With this feature, players can dodge and slip faster by 10%, making them harder to catch than a Sasquatch in a snowstorm that can be seen through. As missing punches will tired out opponents, this is a great trait for those who like to wear people down before picking up the pace. Like real boxing, this trait takes skill and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but in the right hands, it will feel overpowered.

Loosey Goosey

This is what it means to be a sneaky fighter in Undisputed. Someone who is hard to hit and moves faster than a cat on a hot tin roof. Roy Jones Jr. is a great example of this trait. At one point, Roy was the fastest thing on two legs and looked like the most carefree goose of them all. Even though not everyone will like this feature, players who like to counter will love it.

This trait is active when the character is moving freely, which is a great way to deal with an opponent who is being bold. The trait is a bit of a double-edged sword, though, because it comes with a drawback. It does increase the damage of all hits by a huge 25%, but it also increases the damage players take by the same amount. Remember: hit, and don’t get hit.


This one is kind of clear, but boxers with this trait usually win fights in a scary way. This trait makes straight shots to the head do 25% more damage and makes it 50% more likely that a power shot will knock down an opponent.

A double treat! Boxers like Deontay Wilder have this feature, and players should be careful when they face someone who can “bomb.” If the players make a mistake, those big hands will end the fight, but they have to do it at the right time.

Second Wind & Third Wind

Second wind and third wind are two different things, but together they are very dangerous. Both of these things are true of Tyson Fury, which makes him a great choice for new fighters.

When a fighter is knocked down, Second Wind is started. For 30 seconds, their punches are 25% stronger and they use 25% less stamina. Third wind is a passive trait that lowers the power of all hits by 5%, but after round 8, it speeds up the recovery of stamina by 10%.

In Funny Shooter 2 game where energy is important, these are great traits to have, especially if you like to fight for a long time.

Distance Keeper

Due to the fact that most players fight fiercely, distance keeper may be one of the most underrated skills in the game. With this feature, all jabs will do 20% more damage, but hooks will do 5% less damage. Now, this is a monster feature if you have the right stats. The jab is, without a doubt, the most important punch in boxing, and this only makes it stronger.

When done right, these hard jabs can really throw off a fighter’s flow and even knock them out or make them feel dizzy. Sugar Ray Leonard is a great example of how great this trait is. When combined with Sugar’s overall great stats, this trait really shines at keeping aggressive foes at bay. This is a great example of how the best way to defend yourself is to attack.

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see” may be the most well-known boxing saying. This quote is from Muhammed Ali, who may have been the best boxer who ever lived. In the book “Undisputed,” Ali has both of these traits. Yes, they are two different traits. Ali could both float and sting.

Float Like a Butterfly improves slipping by 15% but slows down dodging by 5%. On the other hand, Sting Like a Bee makes counter punches do more damage but also makes it harder to knock down an opponent with a counter punch by 10%.

On PC, you can now get Early Access to Undisputed.