8 Best Armor Enchantments In Minecraft, Ranked


In Minecraft, these are the best ways to improve armour in the year 2023.

In dangerous Minecraft games, you need armour to stay alive. There are a lot of mobs that can cause trouble and pain to the player. From the creeper that explodes to the skeleton that can see far away. With the best armour in Minecraft, you can improve your performance even more with the best armour enchantments. Some enchantments work differently in different versions of Minecraft.

To actually change the way their armour looks, players will need an Enchantment Table. Or, they can use magic books or put together the same pieces of armour to make one big piece. Players must start their Minecraft games with the best spells so that even the dangerous Wardens can’t hurt them.

Thorns 3

Thorns is near the bottom of the list. This can be put on any piece of armor, and for a good reason, they are the worst. This use up more durability, which isn’t great because players want as much durability as they can get so they don’t have to replace their armour as often and can explore the different biomes in Minecraft, particularly if it’s a rare source like netherite or diamonds.

The benefit of Thorns is that it gives the person wearing it an extra layer of security, since anyone who hurts the person wearing Thorns will also get hurt. This enchantment also affects strikes from a distance, but it can be annoying if it kills a mob the player didn’t want to kill.

Depth Strider 3

Depth Strider is a spell for boots in Minecraft that helps the person wearing them move faster underwater. This is a great enchantment for players who want to go on an underwater trip or who find themselves in water more often than they would like.

With Depth Strider 3, players will be able to fight against the weather and the current to be just as fast in the water as they are on land. It’s a good spell for getting around.

Respiration 3

The helmet is another great thing that can be made to work underwater. With Respiration 3, a player can breathe for longer while they are underwater. The third stage of Respiration is the best because it lets the player stay underwater for 60 seconds instead of just 15 seconds. This gives the player more time to explore the ocean.

Respiration 3 is a pretty good enchantment that players will want to use to get the most out of their armour and the world they are in. This is because there are many underground adventures in Minecraft and many secrets on the ocean floor.

Swift Sneak 3

Swift Sneak is an enchantment for leggings that comes with a big risk: you can only find it in loot chests in old towns. Wardens live in ancient towns, which makes them very rare and dangerous. Players who want to get Swift Sneak 3 will have to be very quiet and walk in a crouch while putting wool blocks to muffle their sounds.

The risk is worth it because Swift Sneak lets players move faster when they are sneaking. Sneaking is good for carefully getting down long drops, and Swift Sneak makes it feel like the player is running. Maybe the new Basket Random update will add more spells like this one.

Feather Falling 4

Fall damage is a problem for everyone, and it can kill a lot of people unfairly. But with the Feather Falling 4 boots magic, players will take much less damage when they fall. Feather Falling 4 will reduce fall damage by about 48%, which is just under half of what they would have taken before.

When it comes to fall damage, Feather Falling 4 will definitely let the player try more dangerous moves because the ground will feel like a big pillow to land on. Players will still have to be careful because death is still possible, but Feather Falling 4 is a great safety net.


For experience, players can make sure that their armour will never wear out. There are many ways to get experience points, such as killing mobs, making food, mining, or raising mobs. This makes it easy for Mending to have a big effect, since this experience will be turned into durability. Every piece of armour can have mending put on it, so a player will never have to fix their gear again.

Mending is a rare spell, and the secret Enchantment Table can’t help you find it. Players will have to find them elsewhere, like in treasure chests in jungle temples, strongholds, and old towns. The best way to get the skill “Mending” in Minecraft is to trade with a villager who is a librarian.

Unbreaking 3

In Minecraft, armour needs to be durable. If a player’s armour doesn’t have a good amount of durability, it will weaken and break more quickly than usual. This can be bad if the player is beating off hostile mobs or one of Minecraft’s bosses at the time. With Unbreaking 3, you’ll never have to worry about how long something lasts.

Every piece of armor, from the hat to the boots, can have Unbreaking 3 put on it. With Unbreaking 3, durability is raised, and players have a better chance of not using durability at all when they hit, so their armour will stay in good shape for longer.

Protection 4

Protection 4 might be the best armour spell in Minecraft. This is the highest amount Protection can reach, and it can be added to every piece of armour to make it more resistant to damage. With all of the armour pieces in a set having Protection 4, players can expect their armour to take 64% less damage.

Protection 4 will make players really feel this buff and make them feel like tanks on the move. They might not need Protection 4 for Sniffers, but skeleton arrows, lava, and other types of damage will feel like nothing if players have Protection 4. The damage lowering is a great way to stay on top of the fighting in Minecraft.

Minecraft can be played on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Mobile, and PC.