Explore The Most Famous Islands In UAE


The world is a beautiful place. Nature has gifted us with so many wonders, and islands are a part of it. One might think, what is so special about them? Well, the answer is beauty. There are beautiful beaches and good sunlight presented to all the island inhabitants. The place is surrounded by water which offers a great breeze and a good life. Once in a lifetime, you should try to live on an island or at least visit one. But in UAE, several islands are created naturally, as well as by humans. An example can be Yas Island which has entertainment capturing the place. So, book your tickets to these places using Yas Island offers or such online store discounts.

Palm Islands

Sometimes human construction areas can be beautiful, and Palm Islands is an example of that. It is a human-made island in Dubai, UAE. It has three artificial islands Palm Jabel Ali, Palm Jumeirah and Deira islands. It is on the coast of Dubai and a super attractive tourist spot. The place has the highest skylines and showcases a world in front of your eyes that you have not even thought of in your imagination. Though this is an artificial island still, it is the most popular one. The place is so huge and has no other competition in human-made island history. The island has amazing restaurants that serve the tastiest steak, lobster and other authentic dishes. 

Dalma Island

The next on the list is Dalma Island. This is a beautiful island which is home to pearl diving centres. The place still flourishes with Mesopotamian pottery and stone tools which show the earliest signs of date palm cultivations. It is a very small but pretty place to visit as you can experience the culture as well as the deep roots of people and their beliefs. There are no hotels here but a motel where you can stay. The place is not transformed by technology and still stays as a remarkable sign of culture. Dalma Islands also have several foods producing farming, fresh water and fertile lands.  

Yas Island

The biggest tourism project in UAE has to be Yas Island. It is basically on the shores of Abu Dhabi. Yas Island is not an inhabiting area, but it is an enjoyment zone. The place has amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurants and many other leisure attractions. The place has the most popular Ferrari World, Warner Bros and Yas Waterworld, which are the biggest tourist attraction all over the world. Yas Islands was opened in 2010, and it has included several more activities since then. All in one fun spot has no other competition worldwide. Book the tickets with the Yas Island deals and hop on the rides at discounted prices. 

Bluewater Island

The next is the heaven on earth formed by Bluewater Island. It is situated across the Dubai Marina and offers a breathtaking view. The place is divided into areas which are perfect for several residential, entertainment and leisure activities. Bluewater Island has over 100 retail and dining venues which offer finesse. The Ain Dubai stands in between the island and has broken several records. The island is a great place to stay and enjoy your holidays. It has Italian restaurants, clubs and other attractions. Some other great places are Caesar’s Palace Dubai, Hell’s Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay and Madame Tussauds. This is also an artificial island like the Palm, and it is specifically designed for entertainment. 

Al Maryah Island

Lastly, we have Al Maryah Island, which is on the northeastern side of Abu Dhabi. The island is spread over about 114 hectares, and it is recognised as of the most beautiful islands. Again, it is a human-made or artificial island which is in the process of linking Abu Dhabi Island, Al Reem Island and Mina Zayed. The government has planned to set it as a city centre which connects the cities and creates easier travelling. This will help the tourists or travellers to reach Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. This is a naturally formed island gifted by nature. 

Final Thoughts

All the islands listed above are great spots to visit. Even the thing about artificial islands is really eye-opening. These rare places have different vibes and cultures from each other. Do visit to know more about the beauty of UAE. Also, every tourist should know that life on an island is pretty different than on regular land. Do take advantage and enjoy a tour at any of these islands.