Number Of Absconding Cases Filed In UAE Rises As People Overstay Tourist Visas

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Overstaying Clients Are Increasingly Being Filed,

Against by travel agencies in the AE. It is common for jobseekers to seek employment in the UAE on tourist visas, often from Asian and African countries. It was introduced a new visa category for jobseekers, but an undergraduate degree is the minimum educational requirement to qualify. In addition to damaging their reputations with immigration authorities, travel agents have been blocked from using their visa portals because of the increasing number of overstay cases. As of now, the portal is flooded with overstaying cases, and if that number is too high, we are not able to issue visas. We are issuing abscondings as a means of protecting ourselves.”

In The First Place, It’s Not A New Action,

It’s been happening for a long time. A person who overstays can be considered absconding, he explained.

Currently, overstay counts are really high, so we are issuing absconding orders. In many cases, travel agencies sponsor tourists, so they are responsible for ensuring they leave the country in a timely manner. Absconding cases are subject to a daily fine that increases daily from Dh2,000 to Dh1,000.

If the client cannot be reached, the travel agency must cover the costs. UAE criminal law prohibits absconding. It is possible to be deported if a visa status has not been adjusted at the airport.


They are prohibited from entering the country. A total of 25 absconding cases have been filed by Kingsland Travels in the past week, according to Robin Pathrose, sales manager. The number of people who arrive on visit visas and stay illegally after their visas expire is high, he said.

The Travel Agency Is Responsible If They Came Under Its Sponsorship,

Whenever there are too many absconding cases, immigration does not let us apply for new visas. People have also been urged to leave the country before their visa expires by some travel agencies on social media. Visitors with UAE visas can stay for 60 days at a time under new rules that took effect on October 3.

One Of A Series Of Visa Changes That Were Approved By The Cabinet:

In April is to extend all entry visas to 60 days from their date of issue. Visitors to the UAE used to need a 30-day, 60-day or 90-day visit visa before there was a specific tourist visa. A new visa still allows visitors to enter for one, two and three months, but they must provide documentary evidence proving their relationship and reason for visiting.

You can renew your entry visa for an additional 60 days if you make more than one entry. Tourist visas are issued to whom? Visas are not required for tourists to enter the UAE on arrival or visa-free. A visa on arrival is available in the UAE to citizens from 69 countries and states. A tourist visa cannot be obtained by females under 18 unless their parents are traveling with them. UAE visas can be obtained in advance through a travel agency or airline if your country doesn’t have a visa-on-arrival arrangement.

In The UAE, What Are The Overstay Fines & How Much Do They Cost?

A fine of 50 AED will be imposed on visitors who overstay their pre-paid or on-arrival visit visa. A standardized overstaying penalty has been implemented in the UAE by the UAE ICP starting in October 14, 2022. For overstaying a visitor’s, tourist’s, or residency visa, a daily charge of AED 50 is imposed. The current AED 25 per day charge for overstayers on resident visas has been increased to AED 50 per day.

An Explanation Of The Overstay Fine For Residents:

Residents of the UAE have a 30 day grace period after their residence visas expire for changing their status, applying for a new visa, or leaving the country. During the grace period, no fines will be charged. The individual will be fined 50 AED for the first day he or she overstays, and 50 AED for each day thereafter.

Overstaying for six months or more will incur a 50 AED daily fee, and for staying for one year will incur a 50 AED daily fee. The status change can be obtained by applying for a tourist visa with or without exit if your new employer is taking a long time to process your residence visa. You can find more information about UAE tourist visa extensions by checking our website.

Does It Constitute A Crime?

The Immigration Act 1971 makes it a criminal offence to overstay without a valid reason in the UK. Visitors and residents overstaying their visas or staying past their expiration date are not criminally responsible in the UAE. Overstaying is mostly caused by flight cancellations (now due to Corona), delays to process a new visa, and employment visas.


Overstaying occurs for 5 to 15 days on average. It has been reported that some Asian tourists have become deluded into believing that their visit visa is an employment visa, resulting in them overstaying for a long period of time. An individual who commits such a crime will be deported if caught.


The UAE visa amnesty waives off overstaying fines for all individuals who are overstaying, as the UAE practices many humanitarian acts. The cheap assignments helpers UAE has waived millions of dollars in fines in support of a visa amnesty. 88% of workers responded to the program UAE authorities waived Dh500k in fines 

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