Why React Native is Used to Develop On Demand Mobile Apps?

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Many on demand mobile app development company markets have experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

According to reports, the Google Play Store contains 2.87 million apps. 21% of Millennials use apps at least 50 times per week. 49% of users use an app more often than once per day. 70% of US digital media time goes to mobile apps.

React Native’s most significant advantage is that developers don’t have to create separate codes for each platform (Android or iOS). Companies also push more users towards mobile phones with packages such as the Optimum internet plans or Apple and Samsung monthly installments.

Are you unsure which app to make and what technology to use?

While this may vary depending on the business, it is vital to have a mobile app development company to provide a platform that is simple to use, cost-effective, and compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Let us know why React Native is such a robust framework for mobile app development!

What is React Native?

Facebook launched React Native in 2015. As a result, JavaScript can be used to create cross-platform mobile applications with native capabilities. For example, one code base can be used to develop natively-rendered apps for iOS and Android.

React Native is one of the industry’s most popular app development frameworks. The Stack Overflow Survey 2021 revealed that 58.08% prefer React Native and plan to continue using it.

React Native: Why should you choose it? Here’s your answer

  • Cross-platform compatibility

React Native’s key advantage is its “one codebase,” which allows cross-platform apps to perform at the same level as native apps.

React Native uses a native UI library with native APIs to create the base code for one app that runs on both iOS and Android.

React JS web apps can reuse state management, component logic, and React hooks for better mobile applications with all native functionality. This will reduce development time and help you keep your app development costs low.

You can launch your app faster and participate in the competition sooner than you thought. In addition, you don’t need to hire separate developers to create apps for Android and iOS.

  •  Hot Reloading

React Native app development has a reputation for being simple. Developers can simplify complicated tasks with this platform by writing simple code.

 The framework makes it easy to create code because it uses the UI library developed by Facebook. As a result, the code is easy to understand, and developers can quickly implement React JS.

React Native’s Hot Reload feature is one reason the framework can be simplified. This feature allows developers the ability to add new features and maintain the state of an application. As a result, app developers can see the code in action and get a preview. As a result, react Native developers are less likely to make mistakes because they can see every line while coding.

If there are fewer errors, you have a better chance of developing a bug-free code. Hot reload lets you customize and correct your code to meet your needs.

  • Truly Native Feeling

React Native components can be mapped 1:1 with native development components. It allows developers to create interfaces more quickly, improve the app’s agility, and create a native-like experience that is impossible in native apps.

RN can also be integrated with existing code and is compatible with native software. This makes it ideal for quick extensions of existing native applications.

  • UI Focused

React Native’s React JavaScript Library makes app interfaces responsive and fast. It can render great graphics and uses a component-based approach to create complex UI designs.

  • Cost-Efficiency

React Native allows you to save up to 40% on your development costs. You don’t have to hire separate Android and iOS developers teams to create an app. React Native includes many pre-built components which can be used to accelerate the development process.

  • Third-Party Plugins

React Native offers a range of third-party plugins including native and JavaScript-based ones.Third-party plugins can eliminate the need for certain web view functions and enhance the app’s functionality and performance.

  • Programming in a familiar language

React Native is a syntax and language that can be used for developing apps. Developers who are familiar with JavaScript will be able to learn it quickly.

React Native is easy to learn if the developer has some working knowledge of JavaScript and React. They must know the relationships between mobile components and web components.

After this, your developer can use React Native for mobile app development.

  • There is No Complicated Learning Curve

React Native app development is easy to learn. React Native is simple to use for all types mobile app developers. Moreover, its cross-platform app-building framework is supported by Facebook, as we all know. It’s, therefore, not exaggerated to say that it is the “de facto language” for app development.

The cross-platform app language is a well-organized framework and user-friendly guide. As a result, react Native app developers will have all the tools they need to create state-of-the-art apps.

React Native app development company has an even broader market reach.Since its inception, it has covered almost all markets in mobile app development.

  • Support for the community and industry popularity

React Native is the most popular cross-platform platform. Developers have the most significant benefit from strong community support. As RN is an open-source platform, you can seek out help from community experts and find libraries of relevant data that can be used to build React Native-based apps. 

  • Code Reusability

React Native’s most significant advantage is that developers don’t have to write different code for each platform (Android or iOS). React Native allows developers to reuse approximately 90% of code across both platforms. This helps increase efficiency and speed. This makes it easier to go to market faster and requires less maintenance.

To wrap up !

React Native was launched in 2012 and is a favorite choice for mobile app developers. React Native is a powerful tool for developers and a profitable business technology.It is also a great solution for end-users. As a result, react Native is the best choice if you’re looking to create a cross-platform mobile application.

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