Which is better – mass gainer or protein for mass gain?

Which is better - mass gainer or protein for mass gain?

What to take – protein or gainer? This question is asked not only by beginners but often by experienced athletes. Which of these two popular weight gain supplements is right for you? How not to acquire fat instead of the desired muscle tissue? The answers to these questions are given in this article.

Protein is a powder mixture, the basis of which is 70-90% protein. On average, 20-25 grams per serving. This supplement is made by filtering and refining natural ingredients such as whey, legumes and meat. As a result of the passage of raw materials through purification plants, the minimum amount of fats and carbohydrates remain in it, making it less caloric than a gainer.

What is a gainer, and why should you take it?

Gainer is a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. Unlike a protein supplement, it has a higher calorie content due to many carbohydrates and bulk portions – 100-150g. But it is worth considering that this amount accounts for only 20-30 grams of protein. 

There are also high-protein gainers, in which the ratio of protein and carbohydrates is more balanced. Unfortunately, the increased protein content directly affects the cost. In addition to the main ingredients, creatine and vitamin-mineral complexes are often added to gainers for faster recovery and maintaining the health of athletes and bodybuilders. 

Regarding their composition, protein-carbohydrate shakes are the best alternative to protein. They can replace a full meal or act as a dietary supplement to increase the daily calorie content. Remember that calories can easily be obtained from ordinary foods. But when this is impossible, a gainer will be the best catalyst for gaining your mass.

Drinking a mass gainer in terms of increased calorie content would be preferable. But here, pay attention to a few nuances. When choosing between a gainer and a protein, proceed from your daily calorie intake and consider the type of body constitution and individual metabolic rate. If you need help with good nutrition (do not eat up) or have a very fast metabolism (belong to ectomorphs), then a gainer when recruiting will suit you best.

If you gain enough calories from regular food and can afford balanced and timely meals, you do not need to drink a gainer. It is much more difficult to get enough protein from food from the daily diet. Better stop your choice for a set of muscles on protein. In addition, people prone to fullness, even with mass gain, must carefully monitor the total calorie content because a large surplus creates the risk of gaining unnecessary body fat.

Protein and mass gainers are the most popular sports nutrition mutant mass supplements for mass gain. When choosing between them, one should proceed from the diet, training program and daily routine, as well as the body’s individual characteristics.