Things You Need To Know Before Starting House Renovation

House Renovation

Different issues need to be considered before starting house renovation. Many are related to aesthetic, functional, and economic aspects (evaluating budgets, changing distribution, choosing materials, etc.).

Others have to deal with administrative procedures to “get to work”, such as requesting licenses and doing an interior project for the technical execution house.

According to professional home Renovators, these procedures are vital. Also, they will affect the amount of investment and the timeframes for the work’s development. It is also important that the reform is in line with current legislation.

Is It Mandatory To Present a Project for Reforming the Interior House?

The type of intervention we want to make will affect the administrative procedures involved in the reform of a flat/house.

Let’s look at a concrete example: changing bathroom tiles, replacing kitchen floors, or renovating facilities are not the same thing as tearing down partitions or opening up new windows.

The first situation is about aesthetic changes that are not justified. In the second case, the administration must know if new rooms meet the minimum living standards as well as the safety requirements for the Technical Building Code.

Do I Need To Do a Technical Certificate?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. You will need a certificate if the work involves lifting or removing walls to alter the layout of your house or apartment.

This document is required to ensure that your home meets certain health and safety standards. Also, after the approval of the intervention, the City Council will issue a minor work permit.

You will also need a bigger building permit if you plan to increase the house’s surface due to this new distribution.

Both cases will require a professionally prepared technical project.

If the renovation of the interior of the house does not affect the finishes (such as a change in flooring or tiling), it is recommended to request an ” informative Permit”, which is a work notice.

This is important to avoid any complaints or problems from neighbors.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation?

The most likely interior rooms to be renovated are the bathroom and kitchen.

In both cases, recommends that you visit the Town Planning Offices of your Town Hall. Also, to determine if you require a license for major or minor works or an interior renovation project or if any other document is required.

You don’t need to present a technical plan if you intend to replace the flooring or tile or alter furniture.

However, if they are looking to change volumes or spaces, alter part of the building’s facilities, or make changes to the space, they will require a project for the interior.

Also, if the renovation involves removing the bathroom to convert it into a room or changing the layout of the home.  The technical project will be required to ensure that the home meets all requirements.

Before you do any house-wide reform, here are our recommendations:

  • You can go to your Town Hall and present your reform proposal. Then, ask for the permit.
  • Be aware of your neighbors
  • You must complete the reform within the limitations of your license.
  • Repair and clean up the damage caused by the work in common areas of your home.

If all of this information is too overwhelming for you contact us. T-ROC provides kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, and basement renovations in Cambridge and other Greater Toronto Area (GTA).