Task Tracker: What is it and how to use it

Task tracker: what is it and how to use it

To plan and record the execution of tasks, many choose programs from the office suite endowed with certain functionality. But over time, working with such applications becomes inconvenient, especially in conditions of collective access and an abundance of tasks performed. In such cases, it becomes necessary to use a task manager or task tracker for work.

How to choose a task tracker

A good task tracker Companies in Pakistan provides several benefits. In addition to the quite expected results in the form of time savings and transparent control over the implementation of planned cases, the advantages of implementing a task manager are as follows:

  • deadlines;
  • even distribution of tasks between employees;
  • comfortable remote work;
  • convenient planning.

Using the task tracker for the office, you can significantly increase work efficiency: employees will see what tasks they have to do shortly.

Many digital products on the office software market help in work. It would help if you first considered the program’s functionality when choosing a tracker in such a variety.

For many users, the decisive factor is the cost of the program. A free task tracker is common in the specialized software market. In some cases, even software that can be used on a paid basis has free versions. One such program is Megaplan.

How Megaplan helps to control the execution of tasks

CRM Megaplan, popular in many areas of business, is multifunctional, which is why it can effectively perform the functions of a task tracker. This is especially true of the remote mode of operation, which has become relevant over the past one and a half to two years.

The use of Megaplan to control the execution of tasks does not require presence in the office. This is a cloud service that requires only an internet connection to access. With a clear scheduler, you can assign tasks and track their progress. 

In addition, the system will show the workload of each employee, allowing you to distribute tasks evenly between them. A tool such as notifications is also effective: the performer receives a message in time that a task has been assigned to him and also sees the deadline by which it must be completed. 

Megaplan helps to automate such routine work steps as filling out documents and compiling reports, which saves time for both employees and management.

Questions and answers

Can an artist who has access to a tracker delete an issue?

No, the task can be canceled (if it has become irrelevant), fail (when it was not possible to complete it), pause (if you are going to return to it later), and completed. Everything entered into the task tracker is fixed and remains there forever.

What if employees have yet to work with software such as task trackers?

Most of the programs on the market are aimed at beginners, so they have a simple interface that can be learned in a few hours. Regarding more complex software, some developers help with implementation in the company’s work. So, Megaplan has its own Training Center, which helps users quickly learn the functionality of CRM.

What determines the price of a task tracker?

First, on the number of potential users and the duration of use. Therefore, you can find an effective and free solution when you need a task manager for individual use. When working in a team, pay attention to the paid version: it will have advanced functionality, which will positively affect the comfort and efficiency of working with the software.

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