How to overcome 5 career barriers


Meet Jane. She has been at the same job for many years but, despite her dedication and hard work, she is not being promoted or given opportunities to advance in her career. She is frustrated and stuck in her career.

Are you able to relate to Jane? You may have felt that you are not progressing in your career, despite all your efforts. You’re not the only one who feels this way. Many professionals are in the same situation. They wonder why their hard work is not recognized and they feel unsure about what to do next.

Do you feel stuck in your job and are you unable to advance in your career as a result? Here are five reasons you might not be progressing in your career:

1. A lack of skills required for the next level

The job market is always changing, and employers look for professionals with new and relevant skills. A survey conducted by Udemy found that 72% of respondents felt they were not reaching their potential because of a lack relevant skills.

2. Bad networking

Connections in any industry are essential. You may miss out on career-advancing opportunities if you don’t network with the right people and make the right connections. According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 85% of jobs are filled via networking.

3. Ineffective Communication

Communication in the workplace is essential. You may not be considered for projects or promotions if you don’t effectively communicate your ideas, goals or projects. According to a Holmes Report survey, poor communication costs businesses over $37 billion in lost productivity each year.

4. Lacking flexibility

The ability to adapt and be flexible in the workplace is becoming more important. You may be limiting yourself if you are resistant to change and unable to adapt.

5. Negative attitude

Your attitude is what can make or ruin your career. You may be perceived as uncooperative or difficult to work with if you have a bad attitude, don’t accept criticism, or are resistant to feedback.

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You can move forward if you are stuck by following these 8 strategies

Here are six strategies that will help you advance in your career now that you understand why you might be holding yourself back:

1. Upskill

Attend conferences, workshops or courses and keep up with industry trends. A survey conducted by Udemy found that 42% of employees believe their employers don’t provide enough training and development.

2. Network

Attend networking events and connect with professionals via LinkedIn. Join professional organizations to increase your network. LinkedIn conducted a study that found 70% of those who were hired by a company had a relationship with them.

3. Improve your communication skills

Take a communication course or ask colleagues for feedback on how to improve. A survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that communication skills were the most sought-after attribute among employers.

4. Be flexible

Be open for change, be ready to take on new challenges and step outside of your comfort zones.

5. Maintaining a positive attitude

Focus on the positives. Take feedback constructively and maintain an growth mindset.

6. Seek mentorship

Find someone in your field who can offer you advice and guidance on how to progress your career.

If you feel stuck in your career it’s high time you took action. Use the strategies in this article to help you advance your career. Maintain a positive outlook and keep upskilling to overcome barriers and achieve career success.

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