How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated


Your business can only be as good as your employees. If you want to become a brand, this process starts from within the company. You and your employees must feel like they are working for a brand to be able to build a brand. This won’t be possible if you and your employees are not happy and motivated. Remember, just paying their demanded salaries on time is not enough. You have to put in the extra effort discussed in this article. 

1. Make the Workplace Attractive for Them

They won’t feel comfortable if they are not happy with the aesthetic appeal of the workplace. You want them to be comfortable and feel like this is where they belong. If your office is instagramable, this means you have a good place. Consider investing some money on the interior designing and make sure you hire some professionals for commercial painting. This will change the vibe of the office and you will feel that your employees are happy. Remember, you can’t make your clients happy if your employees are not happy. 

2. Listen to Them

As a manager, you should actively be listening to your employees and taking their feedback. This includes taking their feedback on company operations, HR practices, office events, etc. Even if listening to your employees’ problems doesn’t solve all of their issues, it sure does satisfy them in terms of having someone who listens to them. However, merely listening on your part is not enough – you should actively make an effort into incorporating employee feedback whenever you look to redesign or change existing company policies. 

3. Provide Opportunities for Growth

Whether it be their personal or professional growth, companies should actively make an effort to provide growth opportunities for their employees. This may be done by providing them with free training to enroll in which may concern personal health and habits or professional skills. This can also be done by allowing them to pursue higher education on a partly or fully funded basis by your firm. Not only does this help your employees grow, it also helps you professionally because this investment is likely to bring in profits for your firm in the long run. The new skills that your employees acquire are likely to help them work better and be more efficient in the workplace, and hence it’s a two-way win for your company in the long run. 

4. Make Them Feel at Home

If you treat your employees like mere employees, they are likely to treat your company as mere work. If you don’t treat your employees well, don’t expect them to put in extra effort and passion into their work. Making your employees feel at home and welcomed is an integral part of making them feel like they are wanted and treated well. This again is likely to benefit your company in return as them being treated well would likely affect their work in a positive manner. They would be eager to give their best for your company and their work.

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