GPS trackers are the choice of modern car owners

GPS trackers are the choice of modern car owners

Owning your car is not only a benefit but also a liability. The critical point is to ensure safety from theft. Not a single, even the most modern alarm system, can guarantee 100% protection. But if you fail to stop the attacker, using the latest technology will allow you to track the vehicle’s location and return it. 

These are the advantages provided by the use of security and search beacons. The operation of the device will not cause any difficulties; it will not require constant monitoring of the operation of the device. With the help of the gadget, you can determine precisely where the car is located and find it in the shortest possible time.

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Most devices look like little black boxes, usually no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. As a rule, the more expensive the gadget, the smaller its size. The device installed in the car will allow you to determine the car’s location with the highest possible accuracy.

The device of the tracking system is quite simple. The gadget consists of two elements – receiving a signal (GPS receiver) and transmitting (GSM modem). The beacon, which is installed in the car, transmits data about its movements received by the GPS receiver.

Additional gadget features

In addition to the direct function of tracking auto trackers, they can perform several additional tasks:

  • transmitting and receiving sound using a microphone;
  • recording and saving the route travelled;
  • definition of unauthorized movement (evacuation/towing);
  • disconnecting the tracker from the vehicle’s on-board network;
  • an attempt to jam the GSM connection;
  • tracking the fact of draining and refuelling the car with fuel, etc.
  • Features of using the gadget

Some models of tracking beacons require additional software to be installed on a computer or smartphone. Often a regular subscription fee is required. At the same time, trackers without a monthly fee can also be presented on the electronic equipment market. There can be no free work because producers’ income must be based on something. 

Additional costs, in addition to those required for the purchase of the device, may be hidden the beacon does not require a monthly fee to operate; however, to receive data from the Car tracker, you will need to connect to the services of a mobile operator. It would help if you had specialized paid software to work with the monitoring and tracking system.

Support for third-party software, sometimes not provided options are widespread, the code for the first few years, the use of the device and the corresponding program are free. However, further renewal of services is required, for which a certain amount of payment is established. Not all car owners want to change their usual system of work and buy a new device, so they agree to this condition;

the possibility of using trackers without any payment is also quite accurate. However, even if the available tools are suitable for use by individuals, they may not be suitable for large organizations.

System selection

In the modern market, a large selection of equipment is designed to determine a vehicle’s location. Among the available variety, everyone will be able to choose the suitable model.

Tracking beacons have the following advantages:

ease of self-installation;

ease of use: everyone can easily set up and use it;

efficiency: if necessary, you can quickly determine where the controlled object is located;

long service life: the purchase of a model presented by a reliable manufacturer guarantees proper operation over a long period;

no need to constantly check the operability of the device;

ability to function in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes.

A miniature device allows you to control the location of any object. You can use a computer or mobile phone to control the beacon. Depending on the tracker model and the monitoring service used, it is possible to display the information received from the vehicle on any device: tablet, laptop or smartphone.

There are two types of GPS beacons:



The advantage of universal models is the ability to work both from the car’s power supply system and the device’s internal battery. The advantages of autonomous beacons include the following:

Easy installation (no connections required);

The ability for the owner to determine the coordinates of the car’s location even if the car has been wholly de-energized for a long time.

When choosing a gadget, car owners try to consider several factors:

  • The type of vehicle
  • The type of power required
  • The required level of accuracy in determining the location

The following factors influence the choice of a tracker:

Battery capacity. Specifies how long the device stays offline. Depending on the model, an indicator may be provided that allows you to determine the battery level.

  • Attachment type. Screws or magnets can be used to fix the device. Some models do not require fastening.
  • Tightness. It is essential when buying devices that are placed outside the car. Reliable protection against dirt, dust, moisture and other atmospheric precipitation will increase the duration of operation and reduce the likelihood of device breakdowns and premature failure.
  • Data transfer. The data transmitted by the device may be stored in a dedicated mobile application, on an appropriate website on the Internet, or received as an SMS message.
  • Accuracy. Modern models allow you to determine the car’s location with maximum accuracy. The permissible value of the error does not exceed 2.5 meters.
  • Manufacturer. The available number of models presented by modern manufacturers is imposing. Someone prefers to buy gadgets from world-famous brands; someone is satisfied with the possibilities of inexpensive models made in China.
  • Installation features. Installation and configuration of the tracking sensor usually do not cause significant difficulties for car owners. If there is no time or opportunity to deal with the procedure alone, you can always entrust the work to professionals. Installation by specialized company employees, who install correctly and perform the appropriate configuration of the device, usually takes little time and is distinguished by an affordable price.
  • Installation includes several stages:
  • Preparation. Getting started involves installing a SIM card in a particular slot on the device. When using company vehicles, as a rule, sealing is required.
  • Installation. The place for placing the device should be as invisible to prying eyes as possible. This will reduce the likelihood of it being removed by intruders in the event of car theft. When installing, it is recommended to consider the following details:
  • the best place to place it is the inside of the dashboard;
  • exclude the possibility of contact with moving parts of the car;
  • Check the antenna’s direction – pointing to the ceiling will provide better reception.

Connection. The final stage of installation is the connection of wires. A connection of permanent pluses and minuses with a block is required. The last thing to be connected is the ignition wire to the discrete input of the tracker (if it is provided for by the device design). Then you can install the GLONASS / GPS antenna if included in the kit. Trackers with built-in, highly sensitive GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas are widely used.

A beacon that controls an object’s location is a modern, reasonably effective way to protect a car from theft. Even if the vehicle has been stolen, you can locate it using the beacon without much effort – simply, quickly and accurately.