5 Top GIF Email Designs (+Why They Increase Clicks)

GIF Email

Every time we get an GIF email that is a cake to behold and even our money because it enticed us to shop on the website.

There are numerous figures that show how beneficial GIF Email can be to your company. What these numbers do not show is the amount of work that is put into the layout and design.

GIFs are one of the most effective designs for email. Did you have the knowledge that the addition of GIFs into your messages could boost click-through rates by as much as 42 percent? Six seconds of animation could make all the difference.

We’ve compiled five of the most effective GIF emails, their reasons for why they drive more clicks, as well as how to make your own.

1. Master color psychology

The color is an important factor to take into consideration when designing an email. It is able to instantly grab the attention of readers and keep them interested. Many people receive endless emails that contain dull text or subject sentences.

Coach is famous for its bright and colorful bags And what better way to display the colors of its bags than to send an engaging GIF email. The transition between different colors is quick enough to entice you yet it is slow enough to give readers time to contemplate each bag being showcased.

2. Utilize GIFs for tutorials, and DIYs.

If Sprout Social decided to launch its mobile app it sent a clever email that contained the GIF explaining to users how to utilize its new features and the latest designs created specifically for mobile devices. The following example is a short and easy step-by-step guide.

It’s easy to get carried away with GIFs However, keep in mind that a quality GIF will last only between five and six seconds. So, you’ll only get up to 15 seconds to get your message across. If you go longer, it will feel like you’re trying to fit everything you have to say into one small GIF email.

3. GIF out of the box

The entire purpose behind using GIF emails GIF message is to showcase your creativity as a brand. If you’re looking to be boring, then send a standard HTML email. However, don’t be afraid of spicing things up.

To show off its imaginative creativity, Bath & Body Works could have made a simple flat layout of its latest fizzy bath balls. Instead, it chose to highlight how vibrant and enjoyable the bath fizzies are in an impressive GIF packed with colorful colors and eye-catching images.

The way you promote your product and the design of your emails are the main differences between your email and rivals’ emails. Consider yourself a content marketer when you create GIF.

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4. GIF creatively showcase your products

FabFitFun is a brand that you must subscribe to if looking for modern email designs that can do the job.

The GIF email is just one of the numerous instances of the way FabFitFun easily promotes its products without having to make a sales pitch – displaying a specific category of items in the hope to see if one will click the CTA.

In addition to the enjoyment your readers will experience with an GIF mailer, you also have services and products to market. With GIFS you are able to easily present product features as well as variations and accessories.

However keep in mind that when you display your products, it’s not just about the consumer and what your product will help them, which helps to increase sales.

5. Utilize GIFs for special deals

Nike is known for throwing an offer everywhere to encourage customers to purchase. To celebrate Father’s Day, the brand chose to offer the gift of a discount as well as offer to get the most out of the occasion.

The relationship between a brand and a customer can become stale. Therefore, every now and again it is important to change things up by sending your customers something that touches the heart and encourage them to shop in their carts. Segmentation is as easy as segregating your existing and new subscribers, or even sending anniversary or abandoning shopping cart email.

Sending an email of welcome to a person who has have been shopping with you for years could make a negative impression. Be on top of your marketing automation email list, campaigns, and lists


GIFs are an excellent way to entertain your customers ‘ inbox. After your clients have made it past your subject lines the GIF email will take care of the rest.

Similar to images, you’ll need make sure that your GIF is designed for email. Your GIFs should not be too large or they’ll delay the speed of your email’s loading. Be sure to verify how big your GIFs before clicking send.

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