Get Connected with Excitel: The Secret to Faster and More Affordable Internet 

Excitel fiber internet


Getting high-speed internet connectivity in your city/area is easy with Excitel. Being one of the leading fiber internet providers, it went beyond to serve the country with affordable and super-fast speeds. Read on to learn more about Excitel and its internet connections. 

What is Excitel?

Excitel, founded by Vivek Raina with three other close European associates, began its fiber internet operations in India in Delhi NCR in 2015. Excitel started to grow, teaming up with local businesses. It saw record-breaking fiber connections during the first phase of the lockdown, serving more than 25,000 first-time customers. While Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon were cities for initial Excitel operations, you can now find it in more than 20 Indian cities.

How is Excitel faster, and why should you get it for your home?

Excitel uses the latest European technology to bring high-speed internet to your home. All the fiber optic cables are installed above the ground by Excitel, as in Europe. This doesn’t make the cables susceptible to any damage below the ground, and it reduces the energy and funds for digging. Europe has initiated a project where more than one million houses will have fiber connections by 2030, as it is densely populated.

Likewise, Excitel’s fiber internet is faster, as it aims to provide connections in unstructured areas across rural and urban India. In contrast, most internet providers don’t offer connections in those regions, and Excitel’s the first to provide fiber optic cables. Since there is no other central internet connectivity in such areas, it’s accessibility is more. 

Excitel’s affordable internet

Excitel took inspiration from European countries, where internet connectivity is cheaper through fiber connections, as these have become common due to increased investment opportunities. When it was new to the market, its aim was to connect India through affordable fiber internet, especially among the middle class. Though Excitel offers various broadband plans at a reasonable range, its fair share policy makes it more attractive. While other internet service providers restrict their users from using the total bandwidth, it does not issue any data cap for the broadband plans. All users can enjoy unlimited internet. 

Benefits of Excitel’s fiber internet:

  • No extra charge – You need not pay higher amounts for your existing fiber plans; you must pay extra for the installation process along with the plans you choose. The fiber internet plans include 200, 300 and 400 Mbps, starting for three months.
  • Superior customer support – The next great thing about Excitel, our team is always equipped and efficient to serve our customers during emergencies. 
  • OTT subscriptions – Nowhere can you find 15 OTT channels with your broadband plans. It offers Voot, Shemaroo, and Sony Liv, among other top OTT platforms, which come at affordable rates.  
  • Advanced connection equipment –It uses all the latest cables and connectivity technology, making fiber connections to homes and businesses super-fast.  

We know you are eager to try Excitel’s fiber broadband plans. Visit our website to learn more about the plans and our team. 

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