Critical Steps To Take When You Experience Undue Influence In Family Estate Administration

Estate Administration

Family estate planning and estate administration can sometimes be unjust because of undue influence on the person responsible for distributing the wealth. If you have become a victim of such an atrocity, it is time to consult a probate attorney to help you find the solution. 

Estate distribution should be done justly among all the members of the family. If there is no specific reason, you should not be deprived of your inherent right. However, if someone misused their power and made you a victim of unjust property distribution, then here is a comprehensive guide to help you devise your course of action. 

Gather All The Supporting Evidence 

If you suspect that the estate planning was manipulated, you should gather all the evidence that may support your stance. Look for signs of undue influence, isolation of the individuals involved, sudden change in estate planning, or any sign that might indicate suspicious activity. 

Make sure that you document the evidence properly. Your evidence can help you support your stance, whether in mediation or court trial. 

Consult Legal Guidance 

Legal support from an experienced lawyer can help you understand the gravity of the situation and present you with legal advice on your course of action. Make sure that you hire an expert lawyer with credible experience in probate law. 

Your lawyer should help you identify the reason behind this injustice. Moreover, your lawyer can help you understand your rights in this situation. 

Go For Mediation Or Family Discussion 

You should find a neutral party and discuss the matter with your family members to find out the reason behind these atrocities. Sometimes, individuals with criminal backgrounds are often deprived of family estate. If you were a part of such a suspicious activity, however, you were acquitted in a court trial, you should discuss this with your family.  

Fulfilling your legal obligations after criminal charges, and finding ways to get back to normal life, such as finding ways for gun rights restoration can help you find trust from your family members and regain your property rights as well. 

Report To The Concerned Authority 

Estate administration authorities such as trustees or executors are responsible for the fair distribution of property after the owner of the property is deceased. They are responsible for the execution of the will of the deceased. If you suspect that the will was changed, you should report your suspicion directly to the authorities. 

Make sure that you offer evidence for your stance and express your worries about the undue influence that might have affected the fairness of the process. 

Demand Court Intervention

You should demand intervention from the courtyard to help you get your lawful rights. This will require you to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties, mainly family members unwilling to listen to your stance. 

You can file a lawsuit challenging the legality and validity of certain documents and request a court-supervised administration of fair distribution of property.