Creatine before or after training, when is it better?

Creatine before or after training, when is it better?

Creatine is proven to be safe to take and has many benefits; however, there seems to be some confusion about the best time to take it. We’ll tell you what the science says. 

Creatine is one of the supplements with the most scientific research, and various studies confirm that it helps increase muscle mass, strength and performance during training and is also very safe to use by men and women. 

Why take creatine?

Creatine is a molecule found naturally in your cells. But it is a fact that creatine as a supplement can increase the level of concentration in the cells, which has several benefits. These include improved training performance and primarily improved muscle health: for example, creatine can increase strength gain in a weight training program by 5-10%, on average, thanks to its role in the production of cellular energy.

Creatine sooner or later… that is the question


Taking creatine before training is based on the idea that more creatine will have more ATP energy levels ( adenosine triphosphate, the main source of energy usable by cells to perform their activities). More ATP means more power available to the muscles. More power equals more muscle fibre activation and, in turn, the ability to lift more weight. Therefore, with more weight, more muscle.


On the other hand, the theory in favour of taking creatine after exercise is based on the fact that the muscles deplete their nutrients after a workout and therefore are ready for the arrival of nutrients and energy. The main idea is that if creatine is taken with protein and carbohydrates, the body will absorb the turkesterone uk  supplement and receive all its benefits.


Although there have been divided opinions for many years regarding whether to take it before or after, there is a growing consensus that taking it at any time (and as it works best for you) is the most appropriate. Many nutrition experts, CrossFit and bodybuilding experts agree that you should not worry about when you should take it, but rather that you know that creatine is good for your training as it will help you increase your mass. Muscular. 

The benefits of creatine are well established; there is a better way (based on scientific research ) to take advantage of and maximize them. As? When taken together with a protein, in addition to other important ingredients such as glutamine and amino acids (essential, including BCAAs and non-essential).