10 Tips To Win Rounds On Attack In Valorant


In Valorant, attackers and defences have very different things to worry about. Let’s see what they say here.

In Valorant, you can’t say enough about how important it is to get rounds during the defending half. Basically, if you want to win the match, you need to have a lot of momentum and win the games that follow. Attacking, on the other hand, can be hard because it means going into a site owned by the enemy and taking out opponents who are standing at different angles.

To fight well, you need the right mix of planning, working together, and individual skill. To get rounds, it’s often not enough to just rush into the site and start shooting at the defenders. There needs to be a good attack plan. Here are some tips for how to win more games on the attacking side.

Avoid Over-Committing In A Fight

When a player sees an enemy and gets some damage, one of the most common mistakes they make, especially at lower ranks, is to put too much effort into the fight. In these cases, you can’t let your ego get in the way. Instead, you should go back to your team to talk about the next step.

If you want to improve your team’s chances of winning the round, it’s better to have a 5 vs 5 than to give a free kill and make it a 4 vs 5. So, you should remember not to take on too much, and you should tell your friends to do the same.

Keep An Eye Out For Opponents Flanking

When striking in Valorant, it’s important to watch out for defenders who might be on the sides of your team. You should ask the player on your team who is playing Killjoy, Cypher, or Chamber to use their Alarm Bot, Trapwire, or Trademark, as these can help you keep an eye on possible striking routes.

Still, your team needs to be on the lookout in case these tools aren’t available because of how your team is made up or if the specific partner gets killed. If you don’t check for flanks, you often lose rounds because a backstabbing defence can do a lot of damage and kill a few important players.

Vary Your Approach To Avoid Predictability

Be creative and use different tactics during the attacking half to keep your team from becoming too predictable. If you use the same methods over and over, the team on defence will be able to predict your moves and get ready to stop them.

For example, if your team has always rushed A on Icebox, you might want to try a B rush or a Mid to A rush to change things up. Another common strategy that is easy to spot is going to the same sites over and over again. You should avoid this and try different things instead.

Effective Coordination Is Essential

Valorant is a tactical shooter that emphasises teamwork. To win games, you need to work well with your teammates. Even if you’re playing with people you don’t know, you have to try to work together and use your skills together to win.

Coordination involves doing a lot of different things, like giving correct callouts, giving cover fire, launching attacks at the right time, and more. Aside from these, you should also try to learn how your friends play, listen to what they say, and make changes on the fly to win.

Utilize Your Minimap Correctly

In Valorant, you have to keep an eye on the minimap. It is a small, top-down view of the map that shows important details that can be useful in many cases. If you check the same, for example, you might sometimes find guards you couldn’t see with your eyes.

Also, the minimap can help you turn in the right direction. Let’s say you see that a lot of your opponents are gathered in one place. If that happens, you can choose to switch to the other site or rethink your plan.

Clear Out Angles, And Don’t Rush Blindly

In Valorant, it’s important for strikes to clear out angles completely, and if you don’t, it could be very bad for your team. Rushing into a site without checking the sides is a common mistake that often leads to bad things, like a round loss.

So, to cover them effectively, you must either clear the angles by hand or use tools like grenades or smoke. It’s also important to remember that enemies could be hiding in places that catch you by surprise. So, you must also be ready for and plan for situations that come up out of the blue.

Learn How To Trade Kills With Your Teammates Effectively

As an attacker in Valorant, trading kills is important because it helps you keep the same number of people. Picking up deals can give your team more space to attack and keep the number of players the same.

When you kill an enemy player, the defences have fewer people to deal with, which gives you tighter angles. This can also help your team win because you can finally take control of places that are important to Spacebar Clicker game. So, if you are in a position like A Long in Haven, you should peek angles in pairs so you can trade out if a defender swings at you.

Use Information From Previous Rounds

Your team will have a better chance of winning if you use knowledge from past rounds. Basically, it lets you figure out what your opponents do most of the time, which could help you make better decisions when you’re fighting in Valorant.

For instance, if you look at the details of earlier rounds, you can figure out how Killjoy and Cypher are setting up their utilities on a certain site. You may decide to skip that site or come up with a way to deal with it. Also, carefully thinking about the information can help you figure out if the defence has a weak spot that you can use to your advantage.

Be Aware Of The Defender’s Economy And Adjust Your Strategy

Valorant’s economy is important to understand, and if you want to get an edge when fighting, you should look at your opponent’s credits. This will let you know whether they can afford a Full Buy, a Half Buy, or an Eco round.

During Full Buys, when your opponent has enough credits to buy tools and weapons, you should plan your moves and make an attack that works well together. On the other hand, if you expect an Eco or Half Buy, you’ll need to change your plan because your opponent will have fewer resources than you do.

Use Abilities To Gain Control And Create Openings

The gameplay and tactics of this game depend on Agent’s skills. Using their skills in the right way can help you take control of the game and also give your team more chances to win.

You need to know how to use the agent you are playing to give yourself the best chance of doing well. Because of this, in Valorant, it is often best to main a certain agent. For example, if you’re playing as Sage, you should use your abilities during the attack to heal your friends and build walls to block off certain areas.