What Are the Different Types of Handguns?


Any weapon that can be shot reliably and safely with one hand while being held in the hand

is considered a handgun or pistol. However, it is more typical to use one hand.

You can also use both for extra stability, precision, and proper stance. Handguns are among the most popular concealed carry weapons in the US. Owing to its widespread use.

It is thought to be the most dangerous handgun available. We’ll examine the various kinds of firearms and their parts in this post.

Parts of a Handgun

There are three elementary parts to modern handguns.


The action, also referred to as the trigger group, houses the components that fire the cartridges. Today’s handguns employ a variety of activities.


This is the external metal pistol shell that doubles as the handle or grip. All other components either contain it or are connected to it.


The barrel is a cylindrical tube through which the bullet goes. The barrel length of a handgun is significantly shorter than that of a shotgun or rifle. This is so that they don’t rest against the shooter’s

Shoulder; instead, they are designed to be fired with one or both hands.

Types of Handguns

Gunmen should know their handgun type to understand how it works and perform tasks like reloading. Handguns are classified into five categories based on firing rate, loading mechanism, and calibre.

1) Single Shot Pistols

A single-shot pistol, the earliest type of handgun, fires one round at a time and requires manual reloading. Initially used in the 14th century, they resemble cannons and have evolved. 

Despite their functionality, single-shot pistols are fashionable and commonly used for target shooting, hunting, and exhibition games.

Popular examples include:


Thompson/Center Encore 

2) Multi-Barreled Pistols

Multi-barreled pistols, invented after single-shot handguns, allow operators to discharge large numbers of shots without reloading.

They have multiple barrels to increase the firing rate and prevent barrel erosion or overheating,

Allowing for the rapid firing of multiple shots simultaneously.

Popular examples include:

Pepper Box Guns   

.577 Snider   

.476 Enfield

3) Revolvers

Revolvers, also known as wheel guns, were 19th-century pistols designed to multi-load by rotating a cartridge-filled cylinder. 

They are more accurate and robust and can be minor or significant, depending on the manufacturer.

Popular examples include

.44 Magnum      

.45 Long Cult     

.357 Magnum

There are two types: single-action and double-action


Single-Action Revolver

This is the old-fashioned unreliable gun trigger. The mallet must be cocked to the back first before the gun can release. While it is an older strategy, it is still used in a number of shooting handguns.

Double-Action Revolver

This is an extra conventional and up-to-date system. The gun trigger both pulls and releases the hammer in this wave. This is where a great lot of modern revolvers fall. These guns are often carried as primary defensive handguns or as backup guns.

They are modest to use and are usually small in size. Many people accept they are less complicated

on the confidential. However, the ordinary revolver has twice as many parts as the standard automatic.

4) Semi-Automatic Handguns

Semi-automatic pistols, powered by discharge, mechanically reload chambers for second shots. They are commonly carried by infantry soldiers and law enforcement officers, allowing for multiple bullets and magazines.

Popular examples include:

The Smith and Wesson    

.45 ACP    


Desert Eagle

5) Automatic Handguns

Not to be overlooked are automatic handguns. Automatic handguns, sometimes known as machine pistols, are able to fire repeatedly and quickly after pulling the trigger just once. With each pull of the trigger, machine pistols typically have selective firing, which varies between fully automatic and three-round bursts. These handguns are rare and challenging to wield because of their small weight and rapid-fire rate. Although they aren’t very helpful in self-defence, shooting them is a lot of fun.

Popular examples include:

Glock 18         

Beretta 93R

Whether for individual protection or entertaining shooting, the availability of an extensive range of

high-quality handguns for sale online offer fanatics and buyers a general selection to choose from,

catering to varied favourites and requirements.