Use of Xresolver and what are the most effective alternatives


Everyone who is a pro gamer has heard of the Resolver. You’re fine if you’ve only heard of it. It’s better to be late than ever. It is a questionable site that stores the IP addresses of players. The “x” in resolver is a reference to its Xbox console. It can be used with any type of console. This is why it’s referred to by the name Resolver Xbox and PlayStation resolver.

It’s enough to let you know the meaning behind the resolver. Now let’s dig deeper into the site that has been criticized.

What is an xResolver Xbox?

xResolver is an internet-based help site that tracks Gamertags and IP addresses of gamers online using Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. The site was made for players who love playing online and who enjoy playing for many hours. Accounts with solid and secure accounts have a higher chance of being targeted by hackers.

How to use a Resolver Xbox?

It’s not difficult to use learn the steps below.

  • Visit the resolver website using Google or another website.
  • Tap on the resolver or PS4 Resolver.
  • Enter your Xbox Gamertag into the box. Then change it to your IP address.
  • Also, enter your IP address, and then convert it to the Xbox Gamertag.
  • Once all of this has been completed and you are satisfied, simply click Resolve.

The procedure is the same procedure for PlayStation and Xbox. Repetition the steps in sequence.

What exactly is xResolver?

Resolver Xbox preserves the IP addresses and Gamertags of gamers against hackers. Its main objective is to transform IP addresses into usernames or transform IP addresses into usernames. In order to secure your account There are a few things you need to send to Resolver. Resolver Xbox makes use of machines to scrape information that includes usernames and IP addresses.

You could be targeted in the game, making your internet connection slower or removing you from various domains. They could also remove you from certain areas or perform DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. It is also possible to forfeit your precious diamonds, precious stones, money, or any other resource.

Description of the functions included in the xResolver

Geological place of origin

Utilizing Resolver Xbox, you can find the location of your adversaries. This is one of the most important details about the IP address of a gamer. This makes the site a bit tricky. Anyone with malicious intentions may check your account.

IP logger

IP logger allows anyone who uses resolver to create customized hyperlinks and forward them to other users. It can also assist in identifying incognito modes. If you are able to send personalized links to people you don’t know it is possible to get the IP addresses of the person you want to target. The links can also aid you in locating places and additional information related to browsers.

Gamertag Resolver

Resolver Xbox assists you to get the PSN username by using its huge and effective artificial intelligence, rather than using bots. This makes it more simple for players who play online to find IP addresses. It isn’t necessary to search for IP as well as PSN addresses via the internet.


Locating the IP addresses, or game tags is an easy task with this website. It’s possible to find them within a couple of minutes and save yourself the hassle that you’d have to perform in the event that you do not have access to the information.


This feature is available for purchase. To blacklist private IP addresses, you must purchase the blacklisting option on this website. This feature lets you hide the IP addresses of your computer, your location, and any other personal data. Cybercriminals and other intelligent users cannot get their hands on your personal data.

  • You’ll be provided with your IP number.
  • Make copies of an IP address.
  • Open Octosniff in the other tab.
  • Blacklisting yourself is only possible after you’ve spent 500 points.
  • After you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll get an entry in the message box.
  • Transfer of the xResolver Xbox IP address.
  • Then, you need to exchange the license.
  • In addition, you can add the key to the section on points and be sure to claim the points.
  • Look for the option to blacklist and enter the IP address of your computer.
  • Pick a username you’d like to use and then type it in.
  • Return to your IP address again and verify that you are authentic. All done!

Xresolver Alternatives


Octosniff is the ideal alternative to IP sniffing. It’s easy to use and provides 24-hour support via the website. Easy to install and Octosniff gives you a range of instructional videos for ease of use and access. It’s completely free of viruses. There are two kinds of software that can identify game servers as well as Xbox chats with online game gamers. This is among its most useful attributes.

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