How to Strengthen Your Bones If You Have Osteoporosis?


Living with bone conditions like osteoporosis is not an easy thing to do. When you have such a condition, it is crucial to be more aware of how you can strengthen your bones with more engaging activities. You can reduce the weak bone risk through balance exercise. But you should not follow exercise plans that you see online. Because not every exercise can help in improving your bone health. When you have such a bone condition, make sure that you discuss with the expert to learn what exercise can help you the most. 

A top bone specialist shares that there are some other factors that also contribute to choosing what exercise program you should follow, such as age, weight, any underlying condition or having treatment, etc. because medications or some therapies can affect bone health. 

Let’s continue our journey of how you can manage your bone health.

What Exercises Can Strengthen Bones

All exercises are not for your bone health. Why? Because every exercise has different benefits for your body. Your bones need some specific types of bone exercises that can help to strengthen them. These exercises include weight-bearing exercises. It helps your muscles to get strong against gravity and also increases the pressure on the bones.

When you perform these exercises, it will send a signal to your bones to add tissue which contributes to building your bones strong.

Some people think that walking can help in building strong bones. But they do not contribute as much as weight-bearing exercise. You should discuss with your doctor if you want to start any exercise while living with osteoporosis.

The following exercises can help you live with healthy bones.

Bicep Curls

Dumbbells weighing between one to five pounds can help in performing bicep curls. It depends on you how you perform. But you should discuss with the expert if your body and age are eligible for bicep curls or not because sometimes, you may not need this type of exercise if you are aged or have weak bones. It depends on you how you perform this exercise. It is possible that you can perform it while sitting or even standing. All you need is to follow the following steps to perform this exercise:

  • Hold the dumbbell in both hands
  • Pull them toward your chest upward of your upper arms contract
  • Then lower your hands to start position
  • Try to repeat this and also take a break when you feel tired

This exercise can help in strengthening your bones and also reduce the risk of the progression of osteoporosis. During exercise, you should be careful and follow the guidelines properly.

Foot Stomps

When you exercise, it targets the key roles of your specific body parts. It is also effective for some body parts, like the hips. Foot stomps can help in promoting your bone health. Do you know how to perform this exercise?

Well, the following steps can help you out.

  • Imagine something crushing underneath your feet and do it while standing
  • Make sure that you follow this step four times
  • Try not to fall while holding the furniture

Hamstring Curls

Your upper legs and back also need proper exercises to be strong. The standing position is the best one when you perform this exercise. Try to hold the furniture while performing the exercises. It will help to improve balance while doing the exercises.

These steps can help you perform exercises:

  • With shoulder width apart, stand on your feet and move back your left foot while touching the floor
  • Lift left heel toward buttocks as contracting the muscles in the back of the left leg
  • Gradually handle left foot and back to start position
  • Try to repeat exercises to strengthen your bones


You can strengthen your legs’ front side and your buttocks with squats. Weight bearing exercises are very effective when it comes to strengthening the bones. You should follow these instructions:

  • Stand feet hip-width apart and hold the furniture to improve balance
  • Slowly squat down while bending at your knees slowly
  • Try to stay in position when your thighs are parallel to the ground
  • Now tighten your buttocks and return to the position

What Exercises You Should Avoid?

Not every exercise can help when you are living with osteoporosis. Performing exercises like running and climbing can increase the pressure on the bones which can lead to bone fractures. High-impact exercises are also not ideal for your bones. You should discuss with the doctor what exercise program can help you in strengthening your bones and prevent the risk of weak bones in the future. Try to eat a healthy diet that provides you with essential nutrients and helps in bone formation. You also need to follow the guidelines that your exercise instructor tells you to follow.