Hay Day Pets Guide – What You Need to Know About Pets & Their Benefits

Supercell released the In Hay Day, players tend to cute cartoon animals and manage crops on a picturesque farm in a lighthearted simulation game. Similar to other agricultural simulation games, this one requires you to put in many hours doing mundane duties. There’s a lot of room to discover in this simulation game. You may express your individuality by tailoring your farm to your own tastes. Having a variety of pets on your farm is just one example of how investing in items that help you earn more coins and experience can help you level up your farm and turn it into a top-tier operation.

What are Hay Day Pets?

Acquiring pets is an excellent method to advance your farm, among many other things. Hay Day’s primary focus is on the animal characters. On Hay Day, there are three main categories of animal: farm animals, pet animals, and decorative animals. Animals raised on farms are a key component in the production of many consumer items. Pets, on the other hand, are the creatures that provide resources and experience. 

Hay Day Pets

Having a pet is a luxury. Pets like cats and dogs may only be obtained with the use of “Pet Coupons.” Do a number of truck and boat deliveries to earn Pet Coupons. You should also buy a pet house before you bring one home. If you’re planning on getting a dog, for instance, you’ll need a place to keep it. Once you have a pet, you may take it on walks to the farm, and just like any other animal, it will need food and a somewhere to sleep. You may get experience and awards by doing this. A grand total of 53 adorable animals may live happily together on one farm. The fact that you may give your Hay Day creatures unique names only adds to their appeal.

What Types of Pets Can You Have on Hay Day?

Bunnies, cats, dogs, donkeys, horses, kittens, peacocks, puppies, and more are all available as investments on Hay Day. Each animal has its own unique appearance, diet, and abilities to help you develop your farm. The Hay Day Animals are as follows:


White rabbits, fluffy bunnies, and even black bunnies may all be found here. You’ll need to buy a bunny home if you want one. When awakened, bunnies that have been fed carrots will reward their caretakers with 30 experience points. A rabbit may be yours for 24 green coupons, 6 blue vouchers, and 1 purple voucher, or 590 diamonds. Conversely, you need 620 diamonds or 12 green, 12 blue, and 1 gold tickets to get fluffy bunnies. For the black one, you’ll need to fork up either 1950 diamonds or 15 gold and 15 purple certificates.


If you’re a cat enthusiast, you may choose among Tabby, Calico, or Tuxedo cats. You’ll want to get a cat house before you get a cat for your farm. Milk is used to feed cats, and certain breeds of cats may reward their owners with experience points in return. Tabby provides 20 XP, Calico provides 30, and Tuxedo provides 40 XP. Tabby may be yours for 270 diamonds or 8 green and 3 purple certificates. Calico, on the other hand, will compensate you for the exchange of 505 diamonds or 15 green, 4 purple, and 1 gold vouchers. Twenty green, eight blue, eight purple, and four gold coupons are needed for Tuxedo. 

Cats In Hay Day


Check out Retriever, Hound, and Pinscher if you have a soft spot for canines. Yet, a dog home is a must to owning a dog. And, depending on the kind of dog you have, it will reward you with experience points when given bacon. You get 30 XP from a Retriever, 50 from a Hound, and 40 from a Pinscher. You must spend either 9 green vouchers and 2 blue vouchers or 195 diamonds to get a Retriever as a pet. There are a total of 1220 diamonds or 18 green, 10 blue, 5 purple, and 5 gold coupons needed to buy a Hound. A total of 490 diamonds or 12 green, 5 blue, and 2 gold coupons are required to purchase a Pinscher. 



You’ll find Provence donkeys, Andalusian donkeys, and Anatolian donkeys among these equines. And a donkey stable is what you need to get donkeys. Donkeys, much like bunnies, may be given carrots in return for experience points. You may get 25 experience points in Provence, 30 in Andalusian, and 35 in Anatolian. 


Donkeys, like most other pets, can only be purchased using vouchers or diamonds. Provence may choose between 1670 diamonds or 2 green, 20 blue, 2 purple, and 2 gold certificates. Nevertheless, you’ll need either 1250 diamonds or two green, two blue, twenty purple, and two gold tickets to purchase an Andalusian donkey. Anatolian asks for 1790 diamonds or 20 gold coupons in return for 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 purple.


Bay and Pinto horses are also acceptable examples of this species. And if you want a horse, you’ll need a stable to keep it in. Horses, like rabbits and donkeys, trade carrots for experience levels. Pinto gives 100 XP whereas Bay only provides 60. Pay 9 green, 10 blue, 8 purple, or 835 diamonds to invite Bay to your farm. Furthermore, in Pinto, you need a perfect 9 in green, blue, and purple. You may either give me 9 gold coupons or 1575 diamonds. 

Horse In Hay Day


There are cats in the game, but Hay Day gives you the option to raise many more cute kittens. Tabby, Tuxedo, and Calico cats are all available, too. And you’ll need to invest in a kitty home if you want one. Kittens of any breed may be given milk in exchange for 40 experience points, much like regular cats. A Tabby cat will set you back either 1130 diamonds or 70 green and 1 gold coupons. You may buy Tuxedo for 2300 diamonds, or 30 purple coupons and 10 gold vouchers. Finally, Calico may be purchased for a total of 1670 diamonds (20 blue, 15 purple, and 4 golden coupons). 



In Hay Day, you may choose between a Blue and a Brown peacock. And the birdhouse has to be up in order to attract them. Soybean, sesame, strawberry, carrot, cabbage, sunflower, fish fillet, broccoli, and watermelon are just few of the many meals that peacocks need in return for experience points at random. You’ll need to invest in 10 green vouchers and 9 chick coupons to get a blue peacock. It takes three purple coupons and nine chick vouchers to get Brown. When you achieve level 20, you unlock the ability to own this pet. 



If there are kittens, there must be pups, too. The same holds true for puppies; you may choose from breeds including Retrievers, Pinschers, Backrooms and Hounds. You should also buy the puppy home before you get the puppies. Puppies, like the larger dogs, are rewarded with 35 experience points when given bacon. 


You’ll need either 36 green coupons and 8 blue vouchers, or 780 diamonds, to buy a Retriever puppy. With 1300 diamonds (or 35 blue coupons and 5 purple vouchers), you can get a Pinscher puppy. Last but not least, the price of Hound is 1825 diamonds or 15 green, 15 blue, 15 purple, and 5 gold coupons.