Top Free Keyword Search Tools To Use In 2024

The fundamentals for SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) are always evolving. However, the primary aspect remains the same keywords, upon which the system makes connections between the query of the user as well as the websites appearing in SERPs. Naturally, artificial intelligence has already begun to reduce its role but it’s unlikely to overtake them by the end of this decade. We have put together an assortment of the top examples. You can select the keyword research tool for free that is best suited to your requirements.

What Makes a Good Free Keyword Research Tool?

All of the services listed that fall under this category function in the same way. Enter a keyword and the program will provide statistics on the search. But, they could differ in other options, how they operate the interface, and in terms of service. We’ll discuss the top aspects that will affect your decision.

Data Included

The keyword search tool should show the number of queries that have been made during a specific time period is, a day, week, or month. However, many sites go further by providing users with details on how difficult it is to optimize along with the costs per click for contextual advertisements. Furthermore, you will see information on search performance by region and the most prominent competitors.

Sources of Information

The basic method is using Google Analytics as well as Search Console tables. The top services also include databases which include terabytes of information on searches and user habits. The list of tools we have chosen is limited to instruments that have proved themselves effectively, meaning that they are not able to provide inaccurate results and don’t deceive experts.

Main Features

The most popular users of free services are beginners. To them, the software must be user-friendly swiftly, as well as intuitive. When making the list of options we opted for websites that can provide keywords within a matter of seconds, instead of requiring the user to perform a complete SEO analysis of the website for basic data.

Free Plan Allowances

Let’s get one thing clear now. The tools we recommend as”free keyword researcher “free keyword researchers” are only available on a limited basis. For the basic subscription plan, they could restrict the number of queries per day or the list of functions available. In assembling this list we tried to pick those tools that would be adequate for the initial stage of an SEO worker and won’t force users to pay a large amount on a monthly subscription.

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Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Each platform is trying to catch the attention of its users by offering distinctive features, or else it’s not likely to stand out among its rivals. We will discuss the main characteristics of each platform to assist you in choosing the most effective tool to take the first steps towards optimizing your search engine for your site.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

The most important feature is the keyword prioritization. The service calculates automatically an integral index for a keyword’s relevance, based on total traffic volume and organic click-through rates (CTR) and the complexity of optimization. When you sort the results by this indicator, you’ll be able to decide where to begin SEO. The key phrases you choose will provide maximum conversion at minimal expense and with a minimal waiting time.

Another feature that is interesting about the service is the Keyword Gap. It detects competitors automatically and identifies queries that are more optimized for. This lets you take lessons from the best by stealing the most effective aspects of the SEO strategy.

In the course of your keyword research, you may additionally manually prioritize certain searches if you feel they are of particular importance to your company. This will move them higher in the search results and boost the usefulness index.

MOZ also stands out due to its easy interface. There is no segmentation by region or users. The site does not provide a review of search results or the number of keywords for the topic of your choice. But for those who are just beginning it’s positive because all the metrics you need are available to you. There is no need to waste time learning the menu and mastering the various areas of the system.

This particular example of conditionally free keyword search tools gives you 10 searches per month. However, don’t hurry to leave it in favor of more trustworthy platforms. Each query provides a thorough review of the search results, as well as about 1,000 extended or related keywords. If you’re trying to optimize your blog or website to be small then this should be enough to become familiar with the features of the service.


One of the key features is search which works across multiple platforms. Contrary to its rivals it isn’t only restricted by Google Analytics. It also draws data from the Chinese Google search engine Baidu and Baidu, the Korean Daum and the Russian Yandex, and many more. Users can also conduct research independently through social networks like Facebook as well as YouTube. This makes it a valuable service for multinational corporations as well as bloggers.

Ahrefs provides the most comprehensive regional breakdown. You can select from 171 countries around the world. Additionally, it is capable of identifying the overall subject matter with just a single query. Thus you can look up similar keywords with similar meanings but have no common roots.

Professionals typically select Ahrefs because of the accessibility of a second metric that of the amount of times a user clicks. It’s more useful than traffic overall. With it, you can evaluate the appeal of certain keywords to users. Some search terms can be extremely efficient even with a small amount of traffic.

Another intriguing feature includes a built-in notebook where you can keep lists of keywords as well as the metrics you require, and then supplement these with notes. This is a great place to start the rapid creation of content plans as well as marketing budgets.

This sample of free keyword research tools includes 5 test questions. Also, you can get daily access to a weekly demo for one dollar per day.


Its key feature: SEO Content Template SEO Content Template is an application that automatizes the process of creating a brief for content creation. It lets you monitor the process of optimizing it in real time. You can assess the degree of originality, tone, and readability. Additionally, the service also provides SEO tips on how to place keywords such as images, text, or links in text.

To analyze a website that is already in operation to analyze an existing site, using the Organic Traffic Insights tool will prove to be extremely useful. Connecting the tool to the Google web browser, you will be able to discover all the ways that people get to the site. It can even show keywords with a “not available” or “(not provided)” tag.

Semrush is distinct from other search engines by its ability to work using SERP functions. Semrush displays distinctive elements that are displayed on the page of results for a specific query, including reviews, and answers to questions such as comparisons, lists of products, and many more.

It is true that Semrush provides standard features. It will provide statistics on keywords, suggest phrases with low frequency, and present an overview of your chosen area. In addition, it lets you keep monitoring your position with particular queries.

The free tool for keyword search restricts you to 5 searches per day, along with five phrases for monitoring position. In the process of optimizing your website, you may make use of the basic pricing plan. If you’re looking to do more comprehensive work, the bare minimum of services costs $119.95 monthly.


The main feature is a thorough analysis of the URL. The service provides its crawler, which can index all websites using links. It lists keywords that were not optimized for and sorts them according to organic traffic and the level of competition. This lets you quickly and efficiently further optimize the website and increase its popularity with minimal effort.

Serpstat is also one of the most effective tools for choosing keywords. Just type in a word and determine exactly what is needed to answer the section. This is especially helpful in boosting the ratings for questions related to information and commercials.

The purpose of adaptive filters permit you to build your reports by choosing keywords that are based on a variety of situations simultaneously. For example, the results should include “car” but should not contain “oil,” optimal traffic is between 100,000 to 200 000 requests per month and the complexity cannot exceed 75%.. Serpstat is an essential assistance for SEO professionals in agencies because it automatically produces beautiful easy-to-read infographics for presentations.

This free example of keyword tools is available for seven days. If you do not extend your membership, you’ll be limited in your functions and only 10 requests every day. The price for the basic plan is $69 per month.


Key feature: industrial espionage. Well, almost. The service lets you obtain the SEO techniques of every competitor. You can download spreadsheets containing the list of keywords, the number of clicks, levels of organic search traffic as well as other important data. It also recommends queries that have low competition, which allows you to launch successfully in the most heavily populated segment of the market.

Additionally, it is possible to download not only the most current information but also historical information. This lets you examine the paths of the most successful leaders and formulate a plan for it. However, there is a crucial aspect that it is updated every month and not in real-time mode. This means that the service does not catch fleeting trends.

Another gadget that can be used to spy on your competitors is the examination of external links to keywords. If you enable it, you will discover which competitors are putting their content as well as which influencers they choose to. We’re not sure that anyone will judge you if you use the same platforms that have been successful.

A keyword tool free of charge to help with SEO is available for 30 days. If you decide to cancel your subscription during this time and you cancel it, you’ll receive your money back with no concerns or lengthy bureaucratic processes. The minimum monthly cost for a subscription is 39 dollars. If you subscribe annually, you will drastically reduce your costs is up to $192 for the year (or $16 for a month).

Keyword Surfer

The most important feature is A Google Chrome extension that automatically analyses the query entered within the bar for search. The window shows keywords that are ideal for web-based marketing. You can get details on the amount of queries as well as the efficacy of optimizing each keyword.

The extension lets you save statistics in just one click, by adding it to your control panel. The overall results can be downloaded in the form of a CSV file. It’s prepared to be analyzed it includes statistics on traffic and the number of words within the search, as well as the exact number of matches to the page.

Another useful feature can be found in the article outline generator. It produces a brief for the copywriter or SEO professional, which contains how long the piece and the keywords used and the structure of the headings. The output of this work can be downloaded and saved with a single click.

The most fascinating feature is that this is among the free SEO keyword tools. There is no paid version. The only thing to be aware of is the mention of the complete SEO audit service that is included in the extension.

Keyword Sheeter

The key feature is the ability to generate thousands of phrases using the same word in a matter of just a few seconds. It is so precise efficient, precise, and easy to use that it can be beneficial not just to an SEO expert, but also for anyone looking for new concepts to spark their imagination.

Its interface makes it as easy as it can be. To find the answer just type in the query or list of keywords, then click the button. You can find the list of negative and positive filters. You can also add words to them that have to appear on the search results page or should not be present.

The results of the research are stored in the built-in notepad. They can be easily exported to be used to create electronic spreadsheets. The service allows the rapid creation of simple content plans.

The most effective free tool for keyword research is the top choice within its class. It is a great tool for creating low-frequency words that have “tails” of middle and long length. The results derived from it can be transferred to a different platform for analyzing information.


The most important feature is an exclusive tool for research on keywords that come from Reddit. To find details, you just need to type in your name into the forum’s branch with at least 10,000 members. If you wish, you can turn on an increase in precision — it will minimize the number of inaccurate results, but also extend the duration of the search by about 2-3 times.

The service exports up to 500 keywords at a time in addition to organic traffic statistics as well as click cost information via Google’s Google console. The more replies and posts posted on the discussion forum, the better the outcomes will be.

The platform is especially beneficial for bloggers who are just beginning their careers. It lets them discover the most popular topics that can’t be obtainable through other methods. There might be a lack of queries on search engines or traditional networks for these terms to search for.

Keyworddit is a free tool to help you find keywords to use for SEO that can work with keywords. A subscription or account registration is required to utilize Keyworddit.

Rank Tracker

Important feature: a simple interface to monitor rankings of websites for specific keywords. Reports can be categorized by the location of the user and language, type of device (mobile desktop, mobile), and many other variables. The service can be extremely beneficial for agencies as it will automate the process of sending reports to clients on the work completed.

Another advantage that the site offers is a great visual representation of the efficiency that you have achieved with your SEO strategy in comparison to your competitors. You can view your position on the visibility graphs, organic traffic and total traffic, as well as the CTR of specific SERP elements.

Additionally, Rank Tracker monitors trends that are undergoing rapid change. In its regular reports, you can observe peaks and decreases in the search engine rankings of certain keywords in the last 7 days, 30, or even 90 days. This is crucial for companies that depend on the latest trends and hype.

This free example of a tool to suggest keywords is accessible for seven days. If you do not end your subscription before the deadline the pricing plan you have chosen will be automatically commenced, beginning at $18/month.


The most important feature is collecting data about the auto-completion feature of the search bar on Google or Bing. All you need to do is type in keywords to discover what people are looking for the most frequently and how the engine interprets the next step of the query.

The results are then grouped according to words that start with in the form of when, how, what and the list goes on. For each question, a list of the top frequent questions is generated, and sorted according to the amount of organic visitors. Results can be displayed in tables or as a stunning pie chart, ideal for presentations.

The service also comes with an instrument for comparing keywords. It helps you decide the type of phrase that is most appropriate for enhancing your site. If you click on a query you can access real-time Google information on them.

This free example of keyword analysis tools is free for seven days. After that, you’ll be able to buy a subscription beginning at $9 per month, or $99 for unlimited usage with 100 requests each day.

Keywords Everywhere

The key feature is a web browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox which can generate automatically reports that include keyword phrases from the “People also search for” and “Related Topics” sections. This allows for better optimization, as it covers similar topics.

Keywords Everywhere is also praised because of its easy customization. It is easy to select the search engines you want to use. Alongside Google and Bing, The extension will be used with Etsy, YouTube, and eBay. This makes it much easier to work with small segments, like the subject of crafts, souvenirs, or automobile accessories.

The extension offers the standard collection of metrics. They include organic traffic SEO competition cost per click in context-based advertising, as well as graphs that show trends since 2004.

This free software for keyword research gives access to a limited set of metrics statistics. Contrary to other tools The full version does not require a membership. It charges for searches that start at just $10 per 100,000 searches.

Google Search Console

The most important feature is the Analysis of the keywords that users search for to find your site and the breakdowns of pages. Possibility of researching unique aspects of results from searches, including answers to questions, suggestions reviews, and so on.

Google Console cannot be considered a fully-fledged tool for keyword research. It provides a snapshot of the present and does not generate new concepts. It is, however, useful by providing rapid access to additional optimization tools, which include an examination of the technical elements of the site.

Every one of the Google keyword tools for free is free. You will need to have a Google Ads account to access these tools.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

The top feature is that Although the service can be used for SEO however, it is mostly designed to be used for PPC. It’s convenient to utilize it if you can combine both methods of advertising your business online. All you have to do is type in some keywords and click search.

The platform will automatically provide the amount of traffic organically, the level of competition, the costs per click for context-based advertisements, and the most current trends. If required it is possible to view historical data examined to monitor the long-term trends. Also, it is feasible to save data as digital spreadsheets as well as CSV files.

The free keyword search tool is available after linking to a payment method. money is taken out only after the beginning of the advertising campaign.

Google Trends

One of the best features is the ability to discover the most popular subjects along with related keyword topics in real time. Google also publishes weekly annual, and monthly reports. They are divided into smaller categories, such as trends in technology, people as well as food items.

This platform is among the few platforms that allow users to directly compare questions or subjects. You can include them in the report and track their popularity across the web by using tables or graphs. The data can be easily transferred to the cloud or as a CSV file.

Access to the Google Service is free to anyone.

Keyword Searching Tools Keyword Searching Tools: Free or Paid. Paid Solutions

The word “free” does not necessarily mean poor quality. The only thing you need to consider in these services is a small number of options. However, by combining a few of them, you will quickly gain all the needed details. Additionally, many allow you to export the results of your search into an Excel spreadsheet to further analyze.

Paid services fall into two distinct categories. One is for specialized services that are suitable for professional professionals eager to dive into a particular area. Another is aggregators that integrate a range of tools to help with online advertising for businesses.

Do you require access to these? If you are with SEO professionally and you spend every spare moment working doing search engine optimization you should certainly. They will dramatically increase your productivity, boost work outcomes, and help in generating reports for clients.

Do you think it is worth purchasing an annual subscription to test your idea? It’s tough to answer, but thankfully we have a straightforward answer. The majority of services, such as MOZ, SerpStat, and Ahrefs provide an initial trial period that lets you test the efficiency of every function. We recommend comparing them against free options and drawing conclusions on which one is the best for you.

The Key to Success Is Using the Best SEO Tools

Keywords and services are a variety of services. Google platforms are simple and cost-free, however, they offer only basic information. Tools that are narrowly focused like Keyword Surfer and Keyworddit will assist you in a deeper dive into specific SEO areas. These platforms, which are universal like Serpstat and Semrush can boost productivity, however, they require a subscription.

Which is the best option for you? Experiment! Explore different tools to compare their ease of use and features. Each of the tools we have included in our list provides free trials and subscriptions and trial periods that will aid you in making your final decision.


How Can I Get Free Keyword Research?

Two options are available available -using free services with limited functionality or an opportunity to test the all-encompassing SEO platforms.

What Is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

Each section has its leader. For instance, Semrush is considered the best at implementing a comprehensive optimization strategy, Keyword Sheeter — to help generate ideas as well as AnswerThePublic to work using questions and answers.

What Makes a Good Free Keyword Research Tool?

It must provide access to all the metrics that are required have reliable sources of information, and an easy interface, and provide users with favorable terms and conditions.

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