What is more profitable: cigarettes or vaping? We carry out calculations.

What is more profitable: cigarettes or vaping? We carry out calculations.

Vaping is a rather young trend in smoking; its invention was motivated by the desire to reduce health risks without forcing the smoker to go against himself. Soaring quickly gained popularity and now just took a leading position.

Vape’s main competitor is classic cigarettes. Conservatism and ease of use attract this option. Also, many are sure that this smoking option is more economical. Let’s deal with this with the help of calculations of average indicators. We will take the approximate prices of the most popular products from both lines as a basis.

According to statistics, a smoker smokes one pack of cigarettes per day. To date, a pack of regular cigarettes costs about 150 rubles. Of course, the price can be either a little lower or higher, depending on preferences and quality requirements. 

But we are looking at the middle of the market as a whole. It would seem that compared to the cost of vapes; it is profitable and cheap. However, let’s look at the future. There are 365 days in a year, one pack a day; we receive an amount of 54,750 rubles.

As for the vaping gadget, you make one so-called large purchase and only deal with its maintenance. The device will serve you for over a year with proper care. Let’s take the average option on the market, one of the most popular, the Joyetech Ego AIO KIT, which costs 1.576 rubles on VAPER.RU. Next, let’s look at service.

Replacement evaporators, 1 pc. It is included, you can also buy them for 250 r. average. The liquid costs about 600 rubles per 30 ml. Of course, the intensity of soaring in people is different, but yuoto smoke vapers consume approximately 30-50 ml of liquid per month. Total, 1.576 rubles, 250 – an additional evaporator, and 600 rubles per month for liquid: 10.852 rubles per year.

Naturally, this is the choice of everyone. Still, it is also worth remembering the obvious advantages of vaping: safer for health, no unpleasant smell, many interesting tastes, and now let’s add the economy of this option. The victory, in this case, is clearly behind the ferry!