What’s the hype surrounding Aunt Cass Meme?

Aunt Cass Meme

Do you notice the same Caucasian female model sporting flowing blonde hair eye, green eyes, as well as brown locks, on various social media? It’s basically the situation for Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass that is making people curious about the reason she’s all over social media!

But, don’t fret. In this article, we’ll go over the motives behind this and explain how the meme came to be. Then, we’ll discuss what the meme is actually about.

Before we dig into the specifics of Aunt Cass meme, before we get into the specifics about Aunt Cass meme, we need to find out where and the time when the “meme” word was derived from.

It is crucial to remember that the term Meme is not used in the sense of me-me but as Meem. The term was first coined during research by Richard Dawkins in 1976. The word was incorporated into the book “The Selfish Gene”. In addition, the meme was first made public to Dawkins through the Greek word “Mimeme”. This word is “that which is imitated”.

To get back to our topic people who use different social networks are in awe of the Aunt Cass photos from the cartoon show Big Hero 6.

Why not find the information on the one who initiated this meme, and also how the meme has grown into the realm of memes

Know About the Aunt Cass Meme?

Based on the title of this meme the meme was made through Aunt Cass. But the question is what exactly is Aunt Cass? If you’re not sure about who Aunt Cass is we will provide you with the details of the fictional character.

Aunt Cass is a central character part of the Big Hero 6 Movie franchise. Big Hero 6 Movie. Aunt Cass is the guardian of the characters in Big Hero 6. The principal characters include the brothers Tadashi Hiro and Tadashi. Hiro.

Based on her character description, it is clear that she is the owner of the coffee shop, and also has an establishment for baking. In the movie Big Hero 6, she’s further shown to be taking her nieces and nephews above the characters with the greatest respect and also that she truly is devoted to the nephews she has. The most attractive feature of her character is that she’s always a smile.

What is Custom Aunt Cass Stickers?

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Know about Big Hero 6

You’ve heard about this movie If you’re a film enthusiast. Big Hero 6 is an imaginary superhero family which is one of the most important components that comprise Marvel Comics. The whole series was created by the well-known and renowned comic book creator, Man of Action.

But, if you think that it’s because Aunt Cassey Meme was recognized due to the popularity of this show, there’s a mistake here.

In the next part, we’ll discuss the reasons why Aunt Cass Meme gained such recognition.

Here is the meaning of Aunt Cass Meme

Aunt Cass’s meme became viral due to the image of the character’s face being entirely edited. Photoshop isn’t a good match for the huge breasts, which look more appealing to the audience. In the film, she was fully covered in a top.

People who make use of this meme are identifying with something attractive or appealing in general. On the contrary, the actual persona is completely different.

Origin of Aunt Cass Meme

This meme’s first appearance made occurred by Deviant Art user Rastifa in the year 2016. The photo taken by Rastifan was a hit with people, and a huge response from the viewers due to the cleavage, however, it was not a viral initial hit.

The meme began to spread across the internet in December 2020, after people started posting explicit jokes to Reddit with this photo. As time passed, the trend began to grow and spread and now is all on the web!

So, the sexually attractive Aunt Cass meme is now a huge hit and the persona in the movie Big Hero 6 in the Big Hero 6 movie got accidentally fame as well.

Why are Internet Users saying This Meme?

We’re not aware of the exact comments and views about this meme, however after a thorough investigation, we can say that the majority of people are enthusiastic about this meme, which is one of the primary reasons why it became an internet sensation.


This Aunt Cass video isn’t well-known for a motive. People don’t necessarily like this kind of humor but have also made numerous memes based on the topic. However, the character in question is a happy, innocent person. the meme is a bit flimsy and morally wrong for those who think this person is a bad thing as a person in the first instance.