8 Best Life Skills To Learn First In Black Desert


In Black Desert Online, players who learn these life skills can make money and get rewards.

There’s a lot more to Black Desert Online than killing all the native animals and making other players upset by forcing them to fight. The more beautiful way to get to the hard way in this sandbox would be useful in real life. They are pretty much like playing in the sandbox in Black Desert Online and include fishing, hunting, etc.

In the game, players can choose any life skill they want, but if they want to make money at the same time, they must choose a profitable life skill. These Black Desert life skills will not only give players a different way to play, but they could also make them a lot of silver.


The dark horse way (no pun intended) to make silver in Black Desert Online is to train horses. It sounds boring and has a lot of random parts, so not many players like it or do it. However, players always need good horses in the game, and even average ones will do for trading wagons.

Catching one is usually the hardest part of this life skill because there are so many good horse trainers in the game who can clear a spawn area quickly. In some situations, there may even be fierce PvP to keep a horse spawn location. But people who like to catch and train animals in games will find a lot to like about this life skill.


Trading in Black Desert Online requires a lot of planning and economic knowledge, but it’s worth it if players are willing to leave their computers open while their characters drive wagons or carriages from city to city. This is by far the best way to get a lot of silver or resources all at once.

It’s mostly about selling things to NPCs from one city to another. The amount of silver you earn depends on how far you travel between cities. The map of Black Desert Online keeps getting bigger, which means that this life skill keeps getting more valuable. Granted, the wagons, horses, and Imperial goods cost a lot of money up front.


Sailing in Black Desert Online is kind of like Trading on the water. In the same way, it costs a lot of money up front because players need strong ships that can carry a lot of weight. Ports will gladly hire players to deliver goods or trade in other ports that are far away.

That’s just one way that Sailing lets you get silver. Players can also choose to be more active and hunt sea monsters with the help of a guild. In Black Desert, players will have to explore and find out the secrets of the vast oceans. This can be an exciting task, especially if they could die or get lost.


Farming is the best thing to do if you want to do something less stressful or dangerous. This means real farming, not killing mobs. This is easy for players to do if they buy seeds or crops from NPCs and use farming nurseries. Then, they can set up their mini-farm almost anywhere, as long as the soil is fertile and there is a water source nearby.

It’s kind of AFK because players have to pull weeds, water plants, and kill bugs. But players might sometimes find Sharp or Hard Black Crystal Shards while harvesting crops. These are worth millions on the market. At that point, the crops are just small perks. It’s one of the ways to get Shards with the least amount of work.


In Black Desert Online, there are many ways to make money with Alchemy. Players can make potions that are used by everyone in battle or elixirs that sell for a lot, especially when bought in bulk. If not, players can also try their hands at Imperial Alchemy and combine it with Trading to make a big silver payout.

Alchemy is a bit of a risky investment because players may need to buy the ingredients for potions and elixirs on the market, and the prices of these ingredients change all the time. Alchemy Stones are also a good way to make money or make a character as good as possible, but they require a lot of money.


In Black Desert Online, fishing is one of the few life skills that gives you the most silver for the least amount of work. It’s a true activity while you’re away. Players just get a good rod, whether they make it themselves or buy one. After that, they just need to find a place where there are a lot of fish.

Depending on how lucky they are, players could get half-million-dollar tokens, Ancient Relic Crystal Shards, and other things that could be sold for money. But because it takes so little time and money, there are a lot of “away from keyboard” (AFK) fishers in the game, so the easiest places to fish are crowded.


Gathering is one of the most active life skills in Slope Game, but players might find it easier than fishing, especially if they are looking for Black Crystal Shards. Because if you get lucky with those Shards, it can be more profitable than farming. Of course, players can also collect things that sell well in large quantities on the marketplace.

For this to be profitable, players will need to do some research on the in-game marketplace to find out which raw resources sell for a good price. But, when they couple it with another life skill, like trading, alchemy, or even cooking, their silver earnings could skyrocket.


Cooking is just as important in Black Desert Online as it is in the real world. Imperial Cooking orders are the most obvious way for players to make a lot of silver through cooking. This method isn’t risky because you don’t have to compete with other people.

Or, if they want, players could just sell their food, which is also in demand because it gives buffs in combat and other life skill activities. When combined with other life skills like Trading or Gathering, Cooking can even be enough to keep a person alive on its own. It also helps that it can be relaxing and not take too much work.

Black Desert Online is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Android, Xbox Cloud Gaming, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and S, and iPadOS.