7 Funniest Bosses In The Final Fantasy Series


In all of the Final Fantasy games, the best bosses always make the player laugh with their silly actions.

The Final Fantasy series is full of charm, and its character traits are both well-known and easy to remember. It’s clear that the series has a lot of heart that goes into every part of its design. Most of this love goes to the characters, both in the main Final Fantasy games and in the spin-offs.

Even the bosses in these games have a lot of personality, and some of them are so funny that they make the whole experience the best thing. In the Final Fantasy series, the bosses that are the funniest always do something silly right before a serious fight that makes the player laugh.

NORG (Final Fantasy 8)

In Final Fantasy 8, the Shumi are kind and helpful people who are always willing to help others when they need it. But not every Shumi is the same. For example, NORG is a Shumi who is very greedy and wants to get his dirty hands on as much money as possible.

Because of this, he ends up taking over Balamb Garden from Cid, which Squall and his friends don’t like. They decide to take care of this greedy coward once and for all by confronting him in the Balamb Garden basement. After an entertaining exchange with NORG, players will engage in a boss fight against him, during which they will need to remove his pod and disable his support systems before unleashing a wave of damage that finally puts NORG in his place.

Ultros (Final Fantasy 6)

Ultros is a purple-tentacled monster with a bad reputation that players meet more than once in Final Fantasy 6. Most people would think that Ultros is a pretty smart and powerful foe that players should be careful of every step of the way because he looks scary and even splits the party up at one point.

But the truth is that Ultros is a bit of a goofball who always trips over his own tentacles, most of the time making things worse for himself. Even the other monster he works with, Typhon, isn’t the smartest. Because of this, these two goofy bosses are used to make people laugh while also giving the player a good task every so often.

Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy 5)

Final Fantasy 5 is a game with a very funny tone, especially since it came after a game that, for the first time in a Final Fantasy game, made things more serious. Because the game focused on a detailed job system, the characters had to be more generic, but this wasn’t always a bad thing. When the party was trying to find Exdeath, they ran into one of his goons, Gilgamesh, more often than not.

This game brought Gilgamesh’s popularity to a whole new level. Each match in this cute and funny fighting game showed a noble side of Gilgamesh. His love of collecting swords often works against him, since some of them don’t do much or any damage. Even so, he is still a real threat to the party whenever they meet him, and being distracted by his jokes is no excuse for the damage he can do if he catches them off guard.

Palmer (Final Fantasy 7)

Shinra’s members are all pretty evil on their own, but Palmer is so weak that his boss fight is nothing but a joke. Even the funny bosses in the Final Fantasy series are hard to beat, but Palmer is so weak that he can’t even fight right.

Even the way he dies in the boss fight is ridiculous. Palmer seems to avoid the blades of an aeroplane before running away from the party and getting hit by an oncoming truck. Even though this character lives, the shame he feels during this fight should be enough to wake him up, if nothing else.

Steiner (Final Fantasy 9)

Final Fantasy 9 is a game that has all of the series’ standard tropes and timeless charm that fans still love. Many people think that the game is the best one that came out for the PS1, which is high praise since Final Fantasy 7 also came out for the PS1. Everyone in the game’s party is very different, even Steiner, who is everyone’s favourite hero.

Steiner is an enemy who shows up at the beginning of the game. Players have to fight him three times during Flappy Bird game. The third fight is by far the funniest because Steiner doesn’t notice the danger of a bomb that is about to explode behind him, even though his “enemies” keep telling him.

Dr. Lugae (Final Fantasy 4)

Final Fantasy seems to like the “mad scientist” trope a lot, since the fourth game played around with the idea.Players fight Golbez’s scientist, Dr. Lugae, and his Frankenstein-like monster, Barnabas, as they try to catch him.

After that, a lot of funny things happen, starting with Dr. Lugae telling Barnabas to attack and then getting hit by his own creation. Even so, this fight is no joke. In the last part, the numbers for healing and damage are switched, making for a very tricky fight where players will stop laughing when they realise how hard things are getting.

Hell House (Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

In the first game, Hell House was just a funny place where enemies would show up. The Remake chose to put this enemy in the spotlight by making it a boss that is so devilishly hard that players will be at their wits’ end by the end of this long and difficult battle.

The fact that the Hell House looks completely ridiculous does help a little. The mood of the arena and the fact that this boss looks silly make for a fun show. After beating this tough but funny boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, players will be so happy they will cry.