11 Best Techniques In WWE Supercard, Ranked


Make sure to use these top-tier strategies at WWE Supercard if you want to win.

WWE Supercard is a popular mobile game where players can collect their favorite WWE “superstars” and use them in battles. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best techniques and game modes in WWE Supercard and give tips on how to win this fun mobile game. With the many cards of WWE superstars, legends, and even made-up characters, players can put together their dream teams and fight other players in exciting battles.

There are a lot of different ways to play WWE Supercard. These include Exhibition, King of the Ring, Road to Glory, Elimination Chamber, Ring Domination, and Money in the Bank. Each mode gives you a different set of challenges and rewards. You can play one-on-one or in a tournament format. But let’s be honest: in WWE Supercard, winning isn’t just about having the best cards or being lucky. To win, you need to have a plan, be sneaky, and talk a lot of trash. Here are some of the best ways to outsmart your opponents, beat their decks, and leave them flat on their backs.

Deck Customization

In WWE Supercard, players can choose which cards to put on their team and in what order. This lets players come up with a strategy that fits their play style and the kinds of matches they might face.

For instance, if someone likes games that are based on power, they may want to include cards with high power ratings.

Fusing Cards

Fusing cards is a way to make a more powerful card by putting together two different cards. For example, if you combine a common card with a rare card, the new card may have better stats and abilities. To fuse cards, gamers need at least two cards of the same rarity and level. For instance, if a player has two Rare cards at the same level, they can combine them to make a single, stronger card.

When two cards are fused together, their stats are added together, and the new card has better stats than either of the original cards. The level cap on the new card will also be higher, so players will be able to level it up even more and make it even stronger.

Understanding Match Types

There are different rules and requirements for each type of match in WWE Supercard, and it’s important to know how to use the cards well in each type of match.

In a Tag Team match, for example, players will need to pair their cards well to get the most out of the abilities of their characters. In a War match, players should plan how to use their cards to win more than one round and outlast their opponent.

Combining Ability Bonuses

Many of the cards in WWE Supercard have special skills that can help during matches. Some cards may have a power that makes them faster, while others may have a power that makes them more charismatic. During a match, players can use these skills by filling the corresponding meter through normal gameplay.

For ability bonuses to be added together, players need to have at least two cards with the same ability. For example, if a player has two cards with the “Ruthless Aggression” ability, they can combine them to make a single card with a stronger version of that ability.

Perfect Pro Cards

Two identical cards of the same rarity and level are put together to make a Perfect Pro card. For example, if a player has two Rare-level John Cena cards, they can combine them to make a Perfect Pro Rare John Cena card.

Regular cards of the same level and rarity as Perfect Pro cards are weaker than Perfect Pro cards. They have better stats and skills, which makes them valuable additions to a card deck. For example, a Perfect Pro card might have a much higher power rating than a normal card, which makes it better at winning matches based on power.

Timing Card Plays

Timing is the most important thing in WWE Supercard. Knowing when to play certain cards and use their abilities can make a big difference in the outcome of a game. One way to turn the tide in a player’s favor is to hold on to a high-energy card until the end of the match.

Each card in Happy Wheels game has different statistics, such as power, toughness, and speed, that show how useful it is in different situations. When an opponent has low toughness, a player could use a card with a lot of power but slow speed to deal a lot of damage quickly.

Collecting Rewards

In WWE Supercard, another important thing to do is collect rewards. You can get new cards, energy, and other resources by taking part in events and completing challenges. Players can use these rewards to level up their cards and add more to their decks.

Every day, WWE SuperCard gives you a list of tasks to do to earn rewards. Some of these tasks are to play a certain number of games, win games with certain types of cards, or use certain abilities in games.

Card Synergy

Card synergy involves putting together two cards that have abilities or traits that go well together. For example, players can make a more balanced and powerful deck by putting together cards with different strengths. It makes the team better at countering and taking advantage of the other team’s moves.

It’s also important to know how different cards can work with each other to make a strong team. For example, players might want to pair a card with a strong finisher with one that has an ability that boosts finishers to make a devastating combo that can beat even the strongest opponents.

Energy Management

Each card in WWE Supercard costs a certain amount of energy, and how well you use this energy can make all the difference. During games, players use energy to use the abilities on their cards. Knowing when to save energy and when to use it is key to winning.

Energy refills can be earned by playing the game or bought with in-game money. During a match, they can be used to instantly restore card energy. Lastly, it’s important to remember that managing energy is all about keeping card energy and draining the energy of your opponent. By playing cards that can take away an opponent’s power, players can force their opponents to play more defensively, giving them an advantage in the game.

Card Leveling

By leveling up, you can improve your cards’ stats, which can make them much more useful in battle. Each card has a maximum level it can reach, and to level up, you need a certain number of cards and other resources. To get the most out of a card, you need to know which ones to level up first and how to use your resources.

But it’s important to keep resources in balance and decide which cards to level up first. Some cards may be more valuable than others, and it may not be worth leveling up some cards if they won’t be useful in the long run. Players will be well on their way to building a powerful and winning deck if they understand the different ways to level up cards and make smart choices about which cards to focus on.

The Top Strategies For WWE Supercard

In WWE Supercard, the key to becoming a champion in the mobile virtual ring is to learn the best moves. Players can get the upper hand in wrestling matches in many ways, such as by using cards that work well together, managing their energy, or making their decks unique.

But remember that winning isn’t all that matters. Even if you are very good at playing WWE Supercard, you can still get a virtual slap in the face. So, don’t forget to have fun while you’re fighting in the game.

You can play WWE Supercard on iOS and Android devices right now.